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Alternative Medicine: What Are Its Benefits And What Does It Consist Of?

Alternative Medicine: What Are Its Benefits And What Does It Consist Of?

Regarding the world day of natural medicine celebrated this October 22, it has been a heated topic for some years about its actual benefits. First, let’s clarify the concepts. Depending on the geographic region, various terms are used; however, traditional medicine, natural medicine, and alternative medicine are summarized by the World Health Organization, WHO, in traditional medicine. What data backs up the claims that alternative medicine helps and is it only for specific conditions?

Figures that support alternative medicine.  

This type of medicine is used as an alternative for the treatment or prevention of diseases, pain management, and, of course, to improve your quality and lifestyle. According to the WHO, “80% of the world’s population uses traditional medicine to meet their primary health care needs. Traditional therapy is based above all on the use of extracts or active principles of medicinal plants”. For example, “In China, traditional medicine represents about 40% of all health care provided. In Chile it has been used by 71% of the population, and in Colombia by 40%”, according to data also from the WHO, indicates that there are studies that assure that for some health conditions. “The direct costs of using alternative medicine are lower than those of conventional medicine and that its effectiveness can be greater and with less secondary effects.”

What are the benefits of alternative medicine?

One of the main benefits of mentioning alternative medicine is that it has no side effects, unlike conventional medicine based on the use of drugs and invasive treatments. However, in addition to this, naturopathic or alternative medicine also has the following benefits:

  • Improves skin and eye health
  • Relieves infections and inflammations
  • Helps with anxiety and stress problems
  • Among others

What is an alternative medicine treatment?

One of the main characteristics of naturopathic or alternative medicine is that they use combined treatments to treat discomfort. Three aspects should be considered:

  • Maintain a special diet: After a first diagnostic interview with the patient, the appropriate diet to which he must undergo is determined. This particular diet considers the discomfort that the patient has and the nutrients necessary to combat it. Likewise, this diet must be accompanied by periodic weight control.
  • Vitamin and mineral supplements: In addition to diet, those vitamins that the patient’s body needs to face the discomfort he is suffering are taken into consideration. This may include CBD oil. Daniel Fung Watertown has spoken about its benefits. 
  • Selection of the appropriate therapy: Depending on the patient’s disease or discomfort, the appropriate treatment must be selected for this.

Among the available treatments are: Acupuncture and moxibustion, analgesic acupuncture therapy, alternative athletic and sports medicine, cupping biogenetics, electromagnetic therapy, electrotherapy, helium-also therapy, low laser therapy, thermal therapies, vaporizer therapies, and ozone therapy, among many others.

Alternative medicine is gaining more and more space since the interest in natural treatments only increases. Take advantage of this moment and look for the type of medicine that most closely matches your profile. Always consult medical professionals, however before making any decisions. 

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