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How To Ensure Everyone is On The Same Page

How To Ensure Everyone is On The Same Page

Every organization needs to maintain a consistent messaging and culture, not only for its customers but also its employees. However, where there is such a thing as a marketing service and customer service team to create a consistent and unified message for customers, there are no such functions for your team. The HR department has a limited role within the company. It cannot enhance collaboration, knowledge, and culture with an organization without dedicated tools and processes.

Create a shared place for content

In the days before digitalization, files could rapidly get out of sync as many employees updated information on paper. In the medical sector, for instance, one medical record could compile a variety of files, all stored in different locations and sometimes sharing contradictory information. It is a direct consequence of working with different input sources without coordination. The same problem would happen in any other business sector that doesn’t use a common content management platform. A digital system needs to be compliant with the relevant regulations and best practices of the industry. For instance, for doctors, the cloud content management software solution should be HIPPA compliant and provide enhanced cybersecurity for data protection. Other industries will need to consider their own regulations, restrictions, and unique requirements with collaborative content management platforms where people can work together and share the same, always updated content. 

Automated corporate communication

Every company has got official statements and news to share, whether it’s a big deal coming with a potential partner or a sudden change on the market. The traditional approach to corporate messaging has been to share the information with shareholders and team leaders, asking them to relay the information to the relevant employees, suppliers, partners, etc. This can not only be time-demanding, but it is also prone to mistakes. Someone who’s got a tight schedule and days packed with meetings may not be able to inform their team until much later. At this point, other teams may have received the updated information and acted upon it, while some teams could be left behind. That’s where automated communication systems can make a huge difference. Automation can provide an efficient and quick, controlled solution to share the same message at the same time with all the relevant interlocutors. You can create an automated workflow to keep your partners and employees in the loop. Additionally, messaging that is meaningful only to an employee group could be directed rapidly to the appropriate audience, rather than getting lost between the boardroom and the office desk area. 

Let’s get social

You get bored of telling the same thing over and over again. However, when you hire new employees, you may need them to get familiar with the latest information and regulations, whether it’s the layout template for writing official proposals or the inside intelligence about your VIP clients. That’s precisely where the social 

Intranet solutions can offer a unique service. Your social intranet system is, in short, the Facebook of the workplace. It’s a platform where employees can share tips, tricks, and rely on a structured information organization to find the answer to all their questions. How do I format a document for the branded layout? How do I handle a call with client X? Where’s the best place for lunch around the office? The social intranet brings together your team and ensures staff can help each other quickly and rapidly. 

Don’t waste your time by creating unnecessary confusion or delay inside the organization. A free and constant flow of information keeps people productive and effective. 

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