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5 Potential Career Choices For Apprentices

5 Potential Career Choices For Apprentices

Leaving school can be a tough time for youngsters, particularly those that are not entirely sure of what they want to do with their lives. With more and more opportunities now available to them, apprenticeships are proving very popular amongst young people. The major benefit to being enrolled on an apprenticeship is the ability to earn while you work, something that those in their late teenage years see as a major plus. Here are five potential career choices for apprentices.

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1. Engineering

Some of the best paying apprenticeships are in the engineering sector and, for that reason, are very highly sought-after. For those with an interest in mechanics, aerospace, or energy, this could be the way to go. Several major employers in the engineering sector offer highly competitive apprenticeships schemes, so be sure to act fast to secure a spot.

2. Construction

If you enjoy getting your hands dirty and can’t stand the thought of working in an office for the rest of your life, then an apprenticeship in the construction industry may be perfect for you. While some countries don’t license construction workers, a majority do, so it is important to look into the relevant construction license info for your area to see if you can go down this career path as an apprentice. It may mean that you need to do a couple of additional courses or an exam, however, having certified professionals working in the construction sector only improves the health and safety of both tradesmen and their customers. 

3. Digital Marketing

The rise of social media has seen many tech-savvy teenagers turn to digital marketing for their careers. So if terms like SEO don’t fill you with dread, then this could be the apprenticeship for you. With digital marketing applicable to almost every business you are bound to find a job either in-house or with an agency following the completion of your apprenticeship. Plus, the industry is growing exponentially, so you’ll be well skilled for a lengthy future career. 

4. I.T.

Naturally, I.T. apprenticeships are some of the highest paying that those graduating high school can opt for. They are one of the most technical though and require participants to be very skilled in the areas of both science and maths. If you are more of a creative type, then this may be one to overlook. However, if you and computers get along well, then definitely consider what could turn out to be an extremely lucrative career path. 

5. Media & Communications 

Finally, if your strongest subjects tend to be The Arts or Humanities, then you might want to consider doing an apprenticeship in either media or communications. There are plenty of future roles available to those who go down this path, including a PR practitioner, press officer, filmmaker, magazine journalist, and more. Those with a creative mind would be much more likely to be suited to this type of apprenticeship, and while hard to find, the right one could feel very rewarding. 

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