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Should You Be Focusing or Diversifying Your Marketing Strategies?

Should You Be Focusing or Diversifying Your Marketing Strategies?

A common question that startups and small businesses both ask is “should I be focusing or diversifying my marketing strategies?”

This is one of those decisions that can determine the success of your business for the next couple of years. This is because it can take a long time for people to notice your business and commit it to their memory. Even if you pay a lot for marketing and get your brand everywhere, people aren’t going to trust your business if they don’t first hear about it from influencers, friends, and family members.

But what is the best approach for marketing these days? With so many tech-infused marketing options available these days, it’s possible to utilize a variety of different platforms at the same time without spending too much money or time. However, it’s also possible to be hyper-focused on a specific platform or style of marketing in an attempt to gain more exposure from specific audiences.

So what’s the best option? Let’s take a look at some of the considerations to keep in mind.

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It’s all about your audience

Your audience is going to be the big determining factor when it comes to marketing strategies. In fact, deciding on your ideal audience is usually enough to make informed decisions for the rest of your marketing campaigns.

For example, if your audience is primarily younger adults, then social media platforms and digital-focused marketing is usually the best option. This is because most young adults are using the internet and will likely get exposed to your business sooner or later if you target influencers and social media. This is also true for any product that you offer internationally or any online-focused services that require the use of a computer.

On the other hand, you may want to consider using marketing services like Allvision Billboards which focus on a more traditional approach for brick and mortar stores. If your audience is more likely to physically go to your store or location, then billboards can be a great way to attract a local audience to your business. Traditional marketing can certainly still work for younger audiences too, but it’s a decision that you’ll have to make based on the type of products you sell and the business model you operate on.

Don’t thin out your resources too much

One of the downsides of diversifying your marketing strategy is that you’ll eventually find yourself spread out over multiple different platforms and have virtually no presence on any of them. Diversifying requires you to carefully balance where you invest your resources. Instead of getting onto every single platform you can, pick strategically based on your audience, current trends, and the type of business that you operate.

For small businesses, focusing on an online presence is usually the first step to take because it’s great value for your money. However, as your company grows, you can start to work with influencers, traditional marketing options, and even television if your audience is compatible with it.

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