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Packaging Ideas For Your Product

Packaging Ideas For Your Product

Starting your own small business and making your own products is one of the great joys you can have as an adult. Being in control of your own life and creating something you can sell on is a great feeling, and it is so important for you to make the most of every step of the process. 

Running a small business has a lot of spinning plates, and one thing you need to consider when making and selling products is your packaging. Choosing the right packaging option for your product can be an arduous task – but we have a few different ideas of types of packaging you can consider today. 

An envelope 

If your product is something such as a piece of artwork or is small, an envelope can be a great choice for packaging. Envelopes are cheap and easy to source, and often will go out with regular post and cut down on your shipping costs. Consider using an envelope if your product is small enough and it could save you a lot of money down the line. 

A plastic sleeve 

One option that may benefit you if your item has a lot of small parts is a plastic sleeve that can be heat sealed. This type of packaging is popular with small tools, pens, and even jewellery and will keep your item safe and secure during transit. 

Plastic bags 

Plastic packaging has gotten a bad rap in recent years, but there are plenty of recyclable options you can choose for your product. Consider custom plastic packaging solutions for your products and ensure that they are kept safe and secure during shipping and that they can be easily shipped across to your customers and to retailers for display. 

Biodegradable bags 

If you are hoping to make a positive change with your packaging this year, biodegradable packaging is a perfect choice. There are plenty of materials such as cardboard and potato starch polymer that will keep your product safe without that extra cost to the environment. Also by packaging your items in this type of packaging you’ll gain a gold reputation with your customers because they will see that you are doing some real good for the environment. 

A box 

For larger items and big appliances – the most convenient form of packaging has to be a box. Boxes are very easy to get hold of and are cost effective. They will keep your items safe and secure as well as provide you with the opportunity to bring branding to your products. 

A letterbox 

For smaller items such as beauty products or even food and flowers, a good option would be a box that fits through a letterbox. Letterbox boxes are cheaper to ship and they also provide the perfect opportunity for some branding for your company. 

Consider your packaging needs this year and think of using one of these in our list. It is important to choose the right packaging for your product to ensure cost effectiveness as well as style. 

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