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Simple Tips For Reopening After Covid

Simple Tips For Reopening After Covid

Whether your business is ready to open now that restrictions are easing, or you’re planning for reopening in the future, it can be hard to know where’s best to start. You can’t just get back to business as usual without considering everything that may have changed while you were closed, and whether you have properly adapted for operating during Covid. What steps do you need to take to keep your customers safe?

Do A Final Deep Clean

You need to take steps to keep customers who are returning to your business protected. A good first step is to do a deep clean before you open the doors again. 

Make sure your customers know that you are taking this precaution, and taking it seriously, so they don’t feel as hesitant about coming back. Post photos of your business being deep cleaned on social media platforms like your Facebook, or share the deep cleaning steps you’re taking in your email newsletters or on your Instagram. Share other steps, like adding sanitizing stations with Zylast, so customers can see your commitment to their safety.  

This is a straightforward and quite obvious tip, but it can easily be something that gets overlooked in the chaos of trying to get your business ready to reopen. Make sure to follow this step before you open the doors to returning customers. 

Prepare Your Customers Service Outlets

Get ready to be asked a lot of questions. Make sure you and your staff are prepared to answer calls, emails, and more before you can get your business back up and running. 

You could make use of new chatbot technology, or just have some of your employees focusing on your email responses. Whichever you decide, be ready for all kinds of questions by having the right customer service resources ready and in place. 

It’s important to be understanding with your customers, and aware of the concerns that may have at this time. 

Get your employees prepared to be timely, responsive, and constructive with customers, as there is a lot still unknown as businesses start to reopen. 

Update Your Google Listing

Your opening hours and your availability might be constantly changing at the time, or at least be different from normal. Once you have decided to reopen, your new hours and information will need to be easy to find for customers and clients. 

Put these updates on your Google business page. Put them on your Facebook page, Yelp page, and anywhere else where you have opening hours and other business information. 

Create Cleaning And Safety Protocols

One of the most essential changes to make is keeping a clean and safe environment for customers to shop and employees to work. 

As a way to ease back into opening up again and keeping your customers comfortable and confident, think about continuing some of the precautions you were taking while your business was closed or running more limited services. 

For example, deep clean more often, and have your employees wear masks and gloves while they’re working to keep staff and customers safe.

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