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Restart Your Blog The Right Way In 2021

Restart Your Blog The Right Way In 2021

The blogosphere, like the web itself, is constantly evolving, and you must keep up to remain relevant and retain interest from your target audience. If you’ve found that your blog stats aren’t what you’d anticipate, you may be missing out on a modern procedure. 

Be seen, and you’ll be heard. Get your voice known. Bloggers can’t go unnoticed for long. When you write, you need to make sure your readers are aware of what you’ve published. Bloggers must make it a top priority to ensure that anyone can access and locate their blog. There’s only one problem: there are over 600 million blogs in the world, all vying for readers’ attention.

So, how do you plan on reviving your blog in 2021? There’s no doubt that common marketing tactics, such as SEO, are critical. A healthy blog presence necessitates search engine optimization. Indeed, you must monitor your SEO efforts in order to maximise your ranking opportunities and ensure that your readers can find you as they search for specific keywords. Similarly, SEO is accompanied by SEM, or search engine marketing, which mixes organic and paid search results (PPC). A social media presence that is involved and engaging will help you improve your rankings and drive direct traffic to your blog.

But what if you’ve already tried all of those and it’s still not working? Is this a sign that it’s time to ditch your old marketing tactics and start over? That’s not entirely true. You can’t abandon SEO and social media completely. However, you can improve your blog’s profile by incorporating some useful strategies and activities. Take a look at the list below and choose an appropriate way to develop and advance your blog.

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Tell your readers your story

A blog is about you, your personality, your knowledge, and your experience. In a nutshell, whether you’re writing a personal or technical blog, a blog tells your story. Is there a more effective way to share your story than by simply writing it?

For one simple reason, podcasts are extremely common. They provide a voice for bloggers. As a result, you’re in a great place to share your best stories. In contrast to a blog, which is limited by its written format, podcasts allow you to add new characters, challenges, and self-reflection in a natural and engaging manner. You can welcome guests to a podcast the same way you can on your blog, but you can use the format to create a fun and lively relationship.

Update your blog system and site 

If your blog has been out of commission for a while, the chances are that your site and the system that runs it will need to be updated. Don’t rush this process – take the time to ensure that all updates are properly implemented. 

It’s also worth thinking about WordPress security – or security for whichever your CMS of choice is – and making sure that your site is as secure as possible. After all, the last thing that you want, after spending a lot of time and money re-starting your blog, is for it to fall foul to hackers or other security related issues. 

Provide useful links

If a website links to yours, the search engine will see it as a sign of quality and will give it a higher ranking. Backings have become a critical component of any SEO strategy.

But how do you get those priceless endorsements? How do you persuade other bloggers and brands to use you as a platform by appealing to them? One method is to produce high-quality content. Another option is to reach out. The content should be the best resource for your topic. Offer a guest posting service and share the content of the tour’s target blogs.

Alternatively, you can provide useful links to products that are relevant to the topic you’re talking about. Supplying your readers with useful links like these builds trust and ensures they use you for information they need about that particular topic. Building loyalty is important, because if in the future you decide to open your own ecommerce store on your blog, your readers will already have that loyalty to you. This will allow you to grow DTC ecommerce and utilise your blog’s following and readership.

Use tactics to make a quick but effective impact on your audience

How long do you have to capture someone’s attention? Although a blog’s title can be interesting, readers are accustomed to clickbait titles. A short video, on the other hand, presents your material in an easily digestible and engaging format. Even if you don’t want to create new videos to replace your written blog material, short videos can still make an impact. You may, in reality, use YouTube ads to target a specific audience and play short videos. Don’t know where to begin? To create short snapshots of your brand, reach out to experienced video producers to turn your content into high-quality and engaging videos.

Stay on point

Nobody would read your blog if it doesn’t have a point, unless you have a gift for purple prose writing that readers can’t take their eyes away from. Since this is impossible, and most definitely undesirable, you’ll need a compelling point to start with.

You should make the point as soon as possible so that your followers know what to expect from the blog and whether or not they want to read on. Remember that relevance is key, and you want your readers to be interested in what you’re saying. Failure to stay on point or drifting too far away from the topic will turn readers away, perhaps forever.

If you don’t have a solid plan in place for your blog, it’s likely to lack a central premise and a target audience. This could be a major issue, particularly if you’re trying to drive traffic to a business blog in order to sell a product or service.

Remind yourself who you’re writing about, who your target consumer persona is, and what action you want them to take before you start writing your next piece. The first step toward achieving your writing goals and making your blog work count is to define them.

To sum up

No one wants to read blocks of copy that were written for an offline audience, nor do they want to read copy that is too promotional or tries too hard. Develop entertaining blog copy that includes images, gifs, video, and games to keep up with the times. Write in your own voice and make sure you’re giving your target audience something useful.

In 2021, you can promote your blog in a way that adds variety, enthusiasm, and interaction to your online presence. There’s only so much that search engine marketing can do. Lively formats, on the other hand, will put the audience at the centre of your vision and personality. It’s time to lift the bar with a renewed emphasis on blogging!

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