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Drive That Traffic: 7 Tips For A Better Web Presence

Drive That Traffic: 7 Tips For A Better Web Presence

When a business first thinks about their web presence and how to boost it, the first place that their minds go is to their social media strategy. It makes sense, given that a solid social media strategy is an absolute must to be able to embrace your audience and appeal to them. The thing is, in all that social media glory, you still need to ensure that your website is a solid one that will continue to be a success. After all, over 80% of consumers will research your website online before they make a decision as to whether they will use your company. If your website doesn’t appeal to them and what they are trying to achieve, you a guarantee that they will switch off instantly and go elsewhere. 

Your audience wants to know that when they come to your website, they are able to make a purchase without worrying about fraud, or worrying about whether the site will freeze on them. The best way to do this is to ensure that your website has credibility. You need to have the best possible payment processing for e-commerce websites, and you want to ensure that you make your website your focus for your online presence. Driving traffic to your e-commerce website starts with the way that you run your site in the first place, but a well-built, well-designed website with high-quality content is what keeps your visitors coming back. For that better website presence with increased sales and better traffic, you need these seven tips.


Hit The SERPs Hard

The only way to get to the top of the search engine results pages is with good quality content. You need to think about the fact that one-third of your SEO comes from your website content and your blog. If you only use social media, you’re relying too hard on the fact that your visitors may not think to search for your website. Don’t be fooled; they WILL go looking for it, and if your content is dull and uninteresting, they will go elsewhere. You need to ensure that you maximise your website’s SEO potential with stunning content that isn’t stuffed with keywords. You wouldn’t want to be blacklisted.

Shout Your Message

If you want to control the way that people perceive your business, you need to ensure that whatever people search for online about you, they find only the positive. Of course, there will always be reviews pages with contrary opinions, but you can still respond to these reviews and show people that you are open to change. You want a high-quality website to be the first thing that people see, and you can make that happen easily.

Sell Directly

As part of your website, you want to have a place people can purchase goods with you directly. Selling on your website will increase your profit and give people everything they need in one place.

Choose Good Designs

A credible website is one of the most significant ways to build confidence from your consumer. When you combine this with the Google search rankings being based on top content, you can have a website that looks up to date and genuine when you choose good website design themes. Dress your website to impress, and people will always come back to you.

Leave Nothing Out

If you have ever been in the position where you have searched for information about a business and found that they didn’t have a website, you’ll know how frustrating it can be. Don’t be that business. Don’t send your customers to ten different sites to find you. Instead, make sure that you offer everything in one place so that your customers can find what they need. They’ll think you’re super-efficient and will not be turned off by your lack of information. 

Gather Data

If you ensure that your website has enough buttons to tell people where to sign up with your website, they’re going to fill it in properly. Gently guide them with the call to actions to these email sign-ups, and you will be able to build a customer base.

Blog, Blog, Blog

Traffic is driven by excellent content, and with blogs, vlogs and picture information about your business, Google will push your website to the top of the search rankings. People want to hear more about you – it gives your company a personality and you a voice, and it’s worth going the distance with it.

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