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Need More Customers? Catch The Eye With These Top Tips

Need More Customers? Catch The Eye With These Top Tips

Now more than ever businesses need to be able to bring in more customers. The covid crisis will no doubt wipe out lots of businesses across the globe, with the impending recession doing the same to countless others. If you’re one of the lucky few who can continue to operate and drive forward in the business world then you’re incredibly lucky. Don’t count your chickens yet though. You’ll need to pull in the customers to be successful because then businesses launch again, and new ones start to compete with you, you know they’ll pull away some of your custom. Now is a good time to focus on bringing in more people. Especially if you have some down time due to the virus. PErhaps you’re under quarantine or general lockdown. Either way, these tips can help you drive more people to your business. You might have already started some, which is great. But have a look because they could help shift your perspective and think about new ways to pull in those sales.

Focus On The Product

One of the best ways to pull in more customers is to ensure your product is a quality one. Quality counts on the big stage. If you can make yours better, do so. Have a look at some of the reviews written about your products. They might be good, some might offer some feedback. If you think this feedback is pretty consistent with other comments then act on it. If it rings true in your head, see what you can do. If your product is great, then when it’s out there it’ll sell itself to an extent through word of mouth and appreciation. You have to think about packaging solutions too, which can be a big draw when you’re selling in different places. If you operate by selling products you can do well by making your product the best part of you. That’s the lasting impression you’ll have on your customer afterall. If it’s good, they may come back, if it’s bad, they won’t. It’s simple if you think about it like that. Repeat custom may or may not be a huge feature of what you’re trying to do but either way, product focus will trump most other tips.

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Try A Sales Team

If some of your workforce are sitting twiddling their thumbs because they have nothing to do due to the current crisis, try and put together a small sales team. They can call or email prospective customers. How you identify these customers can be the hard point, it’ll be a lot easier if you’re operating business to business. Simply doing this will attract more people to you and if not, let more people know you’re in existence. You need to establish a consistent approach in your sales team. They all need to know what they can offer. What kinds of reductions are available. You have to think about this, otherwise if you give certain prices to some and not others it can end up annoying people too much. Use a fair and consistent approach. You also need to ensure you don’t call people at unreasonable times or hours, and that you are never too pushy to the point that it could damage your business.

Website Wonders

If you operate completely online then you need to think of your website as your store window. This is important because if it isn’t attractive people might walk on by to your competitor. The design needs to be clean with little to no clutter at all. Make it easy to read, easy to navigate and most importantly, easy to purchase items. You don’t need to have illogical pages popping up where you don’t need them. There needs to be a clear way people can move from the product page to the purchasing page. On that note you need to ensure there are a few ways to pay. You should accept most cards, both debit and credit. You might also want to look at accepting apple pay, who now offer this to customers using online shopping as well as contactless in the store. If you want to run a blog too, make sure this is in a separate section. Don’t try to trick people. If you think it isn’t good enough, run this by your developer and work on making it better. Again, here you can focus on making the best by listening to feedback. You can also check your competitors website. See where you can improve on their mistakes, and even copy what is going incredibly well. 

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