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Why You’re More Likely to Get into a Car Accident this Summer

Why You’re More Likely to Get into a Car Accident this Summer

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A lot of people think that wintertime is the worst time for traffic accidents what with the increase in adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain, wind, snow, and ice. However, according to the Highway Traffic Safety  Administration, summer is the season we should all be on high alert for car accidents. Here’s why:

More drivers on the road for longer

In the summertime, the weather picks up and more people decide to get on the road and head off for a road trip or a day out at the beach. Many of these drivers are not as experienced, including teens who are out from school, which means there is more risk associated with them. In fact, it has been found that teen drivers spend as much as 40 percent more time on the road in the summer, so it is not surprising that more accidents happen.

An increase in non-car road users

Another factor that makes summer dangerous for rivers is the fact that cyclists, motorcyclists, and pedestrians tend to spend more time out and about on the roads during summer time attracted by the finer weather. Although drivers should always be alert, it is far easier to miss a cyclist, someone on a motorbike, or an individual on foot than it is a car or truck, and that inevitably means an increase in accidents.

Increased works on the highways

Highways and roads are often easier to work on in the summer when crews don’t have to fight against the weather. That means that there are not only more hazards to contend with on the roads, but also more large heavy goods vehicles and trucks, which is why there is often a spike of truck fatalities and even garbage truck accidents during the warmer months of the year. That’s why drivers should be even more alert when driving during the summer.

Summer heat is bad for cars

The heat of the summer sun may be a joy for you to feel on your skin, but it could spell disaster for your car. So often, excessive temperatures cause vehicle to be heat and malfunction in a myriad of ways. If that happens while the car is being driven, a collision is likely. Everything from blowouts to overheated engines and even melted tires in really hot states can cause huge issues for motorists.

Fortunately, you can minimize any issues by driving only when completely necessary, taking shadier routes and stopping for regular breaks.

Can accidents be avoided?

Just because car accidents are more likely to take place during the summer months, it of course does not mean that they are inevitable. If you want to minimize your own personal risk on the road this summer, you can do so by staying alert at the wheel, avoiding heavy traffic and routes where roadworks are taking place, and by ensuring that your car or truck is in the best possible condition for driving. That way, you can enjoy the season without the worry.

Proper pavement maintenance is also key to creating safe and accident-free roads. Well-kept pavements enhance an area’s aesthetics, promote smooth traffic flow, and lower the risk of accidents. Unfortunately, cracked and potholed pavement can become hazardous during adverse weather conditions; EverLine Coatings and Services provide professional pavement maintenance services which can prevent these incidents while prolonging their longevity.

Of course, it also helps to make sure that you have used the right tools and parts to repair your car when you work on it for summer. Modifying your car can be dangerous. For example, if you choose to use a leveling kit, choosing a poor quality option could leave you in trouble on the road. The same goes for repairs and maintenance, too.

Why You’re More Likely to Get into a Car Accident this Summer

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