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Moving Violations: Expensive Tickets & Tips to Avoid Them

Moving Violations: Expensive Tickets & Tips to Avoid Them

Traffic tickets and road rules may not always seem fun, but they are important measures meant to help keep our roads safe.

Red lights aren’t just there to keep you from getting to work on time. Did you know they are there to keep you from flying into the middle of an intersection, causing a fatal accident? 

Speed limits aren’t in place to make you drive like a tortoise or to take the fun out of speeding through the city in your new Corvette. Going too fast increases the likelihood of killing someone else on the highway. 

Tickets for traffic violations are expensive to your pocketbook, and they also increase the risk of getting your insurance premiums hiked sky high by your agent at the start of the new year. 

We’ll look at the tickets that affect your insurance the most. We’ll also examine how improving your driving is one of the best ways to cut costs on your car.

Tickets and Violations that Negatively Impact Your Car Insurance

Tickets that expose bad driving habits will have a much greater negative impact on your insurance rates than simple violations. This means that an insurance company is likely to overlook your parking ticket or your license tabs that need renewal. They will not do the same when you get a ticket for going 80 mph in a 40 zone, or for criminal offenses like DUIs or DWIs. 

Certain circumstances and times of year can also increase your probability of getting into an accident. Special events, distress at home, or simply driving during the summertime are all times in which your driving habits may slip, causing you to get a ticket. The important thing is to be aware of your mistakes and fix them in the future, both for your safety and your finances.

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How can you improve your driving?

You can improve your driving skills by simply heeding the traffic rules that were put in place to protect citizens. Some expectations seem a little fussy when you have important things to attend to and you are in a rush, but most of the rules are for safety.

You should also check into buying a vehicle with modern safety features like parking assist, blind-spot monitors, and traction control devices. Insurance companies have smart ride programs that determine whether you are driving safely and also give you further discounts on your auto insurance. 

Maybe you can check your ego and go back to a defensive driving school that will give you great tips and tricks to drive better. Everybody needs a touch-up on their skills, and adults who have been driving for a long time can get a little stubborn in their decisions on the road. The Motorcycle Safety Lawyers add that motorcyclists are not immune from getting tickets for violations just like a driver in a car would get, so the same rules apply.

If you remember how dangerous the concept of driving is, you should become a better driver. It is overlooked how fatal getting from point A to point B can become, so never take it for granted.

Shawn Laib writes and researches for the car insurance comparison site, CarInsurance101.com. He enjoys helping drivers understand how to keep safe while driving and how to find the best insurance rates.

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