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5 Things to Do After You Get In A Car Accident

5 Things to Do After You Get In A Car Accident

Car accidents happen every single day and around the world, millions die because of them. Given the lessons that need to be taken to be able to drive, you’d expect there to be much less of a risk, but still we deal with the news of accidents popping up around the globe. 

One thing that they don’t cover in the lessons when you learn to drive is how to handle a car accident. In fact, you’re pretty much left to fend for yourself and hope that you don’t get into an accident. No one talks you through talking to an 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer if you come face to side with an 18 wheel truck. No one tells you the importance of getting to know your blind spots or which roads are the most treacherous. Much of this you have to learn where you can from others and Google! So, with this in mind, we’ve got five things that you should be doing after you get into a car accident. Let’s take a look:

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  1. Remain calm. A car accident doesn’t necessarily mean that your life is over. In fact car accident severity can be as minor as a dent in the door. When you’re in any size of a crash, however, it’s the adrenaline surging that will have the most effect on your body. This is where you’ll need to be as calm as possible so that you can avoid that adrenaline becoming a big problem. Breathe slowly and make sure that you take in deep breaths. 
  2. Check yourself for injuries. Before you move from the car (if you can), check to make sure that you don’t have any injuries. Ideally, you will wait until you have a paramedic check you out and they will help you to get out of the car safely. You want to know that you are in one piece before you start climbing out of mangled cars! 
  3. Document. If you have a phone with a camera handy, you need to take some pictures of the site of the accident. You should ensure that you have the pictures taken as quickly as possible after the accident because you can time stamp them so that they are documented precisely.
  4. File a claim. You’ll have an experienced 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer advising you of how to do this, but filing an insurance claim should be at the top of your priority list. If you weren’t the cause of the accident, you want to make sure that your money comes back to you as quickly as possible. Once you file the claim, you wait for the payout and you might see an increase in your premium if it’s coming from your pocket.
  5. Get some therapy. Car accidents are traumatic and the only way to get through a trauma like that is with the help of a therapist who specializes in accident trauma and PTSD. You can find many resources online, but you can’t do it on your own.

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