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4 Hobbies That Can Spread Your Network

4 Hobbies That Can Spread Your Network

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Every professional knows how important networking is, but those dull, try-hard networking events are not the only place to go to meet others and increase subscribers. For many, the best networking happens where you aren’t expected to be working, which is why hobbies are a fantastic way to meet people who could benefit your career in one way or another. There are hundreds – nay – thousands of hobbies to choose from, though. So which are the best for networking?

Book Clubs 

Where better to network than surrounded by a group of intelligent individuals who have shown exceptional analytical skills? Books clubs are a superb place to meet people who could help your business and maybe even work alongside you. While many book clubs focus on fiction, you could also suggest non-fiction., especially books about business (as long as they are engaging). The book club creates a shared experience, too, and this makes it easier to build a rapport that can benefit everyone. 

Coin Collecting 

Some hobbies are more niche than others, and coin collecting is one of the more unique hobbies, especially compared to gaming or hiking. But, while the pool may be more shallow than others, it can also introduce you to people all over the country who are searching for the right faces on US currency. With so many people spread all over, you can find opportunities in new markets that would otherwise never be possible, and your unique interest can easily whittle down others, enabling you to find someone just right for a new business deal. 

Creative Groups

Creative groups will also make it easier to network both for business and creative ventures. It’s a great place to explore something other than business and blow off some steam, but it can also benefit you if you are struggling to get your writing noticed, or want to explore something different. While these clubs are mostly populated by amateurs, it could also be an in that helps you meet important people in the industry, which may give you the foot in the door that you need.

Golf (Or Any Sport At All)

Many great business deals have been completed on the golf course, and although some consider it merely an excuse to play a round, it also helps you meet other people within your industry. Corporate sporting events are a (mostly) friendly way to compete and chat with someone else, whereas local sports clubs allow you to experience something with others, especially during the post-game downtime or even at the bar after the game. Of course, not everyone considers themselves sporty, but that’s okay, as you can find pretty much anything to network. 

Spreading Your Word

Your business will never thrive if you don’t put in the effort to get the word out, but the idea of corporate networking is very much out of style. While you don’t want to be that guy that only talks about their business, you can still make the most of your hobbies to network with others who could present opportunities for you.

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