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Golfing With A Corporate Client: Look The Part

Golfing With A Corporate Client: Look The Part

Golf is a popular activity to enjoy with clients when you want to impress. However, the last thing you want to do is look like an idiot on the golf course, which is why you need all of the right gear!

Don’t go to the course in your old trainers. You need golf shoes. Firstly, don’t make the error or simply looking for the cheapest pair of golf shoes you can find. If you do this, you are almost certain to suffer at the hands of a lack of quality. There are so many different factors that come together to determine the quality of a shoe, from the material used to the design, so the last thing you want to do is cut corners. 

Another error is failing to consider what you really need from the shoe. For example, those who suffer from foot pain or place a high emphasis on comfort should be looking for spikeless shoes. However, those who require more stability should consider buying spiked shoes. In addition to this, don’t make the blunder of purchasing a pair of golf shoes without doing your research. Read feedback that has been left by past customers to determine what they have to say about the shoes in question. If you come across negative comment after negative comment, you know to look elsewhere. 

Last but not least, make sure you try on the shoes before you purchase, or at least buy from an online store with a returns policy in place so you can return them if they do not fit right.

Save Money On Golf Clothing Without Losing Out On Quality 

A men’s golf clothing sale is something you should consider looking for if you want to purchase golf shoes yet you are on a tight budget. The balance between cost and quality can often be tough to reach, but the last thing you want to do is buy poor quality golf clothing that is going to have a detrimental impact on your game. You can get sleek and stylish Ralph Lauren clothes and such like at great prices when buying online.

A lot of people make the mistake of looking for the cheapest golf garments they can find. However, if you do this, you are simply going to be throwing your money down the drain. You need to make sure the clothing provides you with the level of comfort and flexibility you require to play golf to the best of your ability. Nevertheless, we don’t all have endless amounts of money to spend on golf garments, and this is why you need to make savings wisely. 

The best thing to do is to shop in sales, as you will be able to get high-quality golf garments from the best brands at reduced prices. The garments will simply be from last season’s range, and there is nothing wrong with this. Simply make sure you shop in the sale section of a reputable golf store. Another sensible way to make savings is to look for online stores that offer free delivery. Shipping is often where the prices can mount up. There is nothing worse than getting to the checkout and finding an extra $20 added on to your order.

You Need A Golf Bag Too

Men’s golf bags come in different shapes, sizes, designs, and colours. If you take a quick look on the Internet, you will see that the options are virtually limitless. One of the first decisions you need to make is what type of bag you are going to purchase. 

Let’s start with stand bags. These golf bags have two retractable legs that make it possible for the bag to stand canter or upright. This gives players easy access to the clubs, as the bag is positioned in such a manner where they can simply slide the clubs they need out. These bags are popular with those that work the course, whereas those who use golf carts are more inclined to use a staff bag or a cart bag. The latter is a lightweight and small type of golf bag that has been specifically designed for use on a golf cart. What makes them so suitable for carts is that they have been designed to supply easy access to the bag’s pockets whilst strapped to the end of your pull cart or riding cart. 

What about staff bags? When it comes to golf bags, these bags are top of the line. You will find that this is what the professionals use when on Tour. They are heavy, luxurious, roomy, and big, which makes them the luxury option. Just remember, you are going to be carrying this bag, so do take the weight into consideration – professionals have a caddy to do the job for him.

Golf club bags are more advanced than they ever have been. They come with a whole host of features and innovative technology. Of course, the choice is always a good thing, but this can make it a little bit more challenging when narrowing down your search. 

There are a number of considerations that need to be factored in when searching for the best golf bags. Firstly, the material of the bag is important, with nylon, canvas, and leather being three of the most common options. The latter is the most luxurious choice, yet nylon tends to be popular amongst those playing in all weather conditions. 

Aside from this, the size, type and placement of the pockets is important, as this ensures everything is organised efficiently. Do bear in mind that some pockets will have specific functions. Plus, the size of the strap is important, especially if you are planning to walk the course. Generally speaking, it is better to go for a bag with a bigger strap, as this will ensure the weight is distributed more evenly and it will make it easier to carry. 

You also need to consider the number of dividers that are in the bag. There is no right or wrong requirement; it all depends on your personal wishes. Do you want a separate compartment for irons, woods, putters, and drivers? Or, are you quite happy to keep everything together?

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