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Are Website Keywords They “Key” To Your Business’ Success?

Are Website Keywords They “Key” To Your Business’ Success?

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Hardly any company today can do well without a well-designed website. But a great design means a few things, offering content that actually interests potential customers. What else? It’s aesthetic? Definitely. That’s why you should consider booking at My Business Venture for further reading. An important step on the way to this goal is the research of suitable keywords. So-called keywords or keywords are the search terms that potential website visitors enter into search engines such as Google. Among other things, Google analyzes websites to determine whether and how often the searched terms appear and sorts the results according to relevance. For this reason, you should find keywords that fit your offer and appeal to your target group. This is known as SEO.

What’s a good search term? 

A keyword does not necessarily consist of a single word. It can also be made up of several terms. But what are the characteristics of good keywords?

1. Good keywords are appropriate to the topic

Topic-appropriate means that keywords describe the topic of a website or the respective subpage as precisely as possible. To achieve this, a clear objective should be set for each.

  • Should the website convey information, for example give the readers tips for a vacation in London? Such content benefits from information-oriented keywords. This includes keyword combinations with question words, such as “Where can I find the best party clubs in London”, abbreviations for questions such as “best clubs London” or keyword combinations with terms such as “tips”, “advice” or “definition”.
  • Should the website put the brand in the foreground? Branded keywords contain the brand or company name. They address search engine users who are already specifically looking for an offer.
  • Do you want the website to call for purchases of products or services? Transactional and commercial keywords are used for this purpose. Transaction-oriented search queries are generally aimed at concluding a transaction, including non-commercial services such as downloading studies or guides. 

Subject-related keywords ensure that website visitors find exactly the information they were hoping for on the website. Those who cannot find what they are looking for often leave the site after a few moments. This leads to high bounce rates, which have a negative impact on placement in Google search results.

2. Good keywords have a high potential for use 

Relevant keywords are the search terms that your target group actually enters into the search mask, and as often as possible. So, in addition to defining what you want to offer your readers, you also need to figure out what potential customers are looking for. Would you like general information about a product or service? Are you looking for advice and tips? For information about your company? Or do you come to your site with a direct purchase intention?

In order to address as many website visitors as possible with different interests, the website content should cover as many search intentions as possible. In addition to informative articles and guides, there should be direct references to the offer and booking and ordering options. You should also consider optimizing for the brand or company name, usually the home page.  The success is in your hands- so are you ready? 

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