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Methods To Increase Your Business Productivity

Methods To Increase Your Business Productivity

Finding ways to boost your companies productivity is a great way to ensure that you stay afloat and ahead of the competition. But this is a constant battle. With new technologies and ways of doing things always rearing their heads, you need to be proactive rather than reactive in your approach to improving productivity. Productivity can be affected by many things. The first is clearly with your staff. If they are not motivated, they can lag and not work to their potential. Other ways productivity is affected by archaic systems, backwards processes, and old software, etc. This means that there are a lot of things you can do to improve the productivity of your business. If you want to grow the company, improving productivity is a must, as it gives you a solid foundation on which to build. 

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Boost Employee Engagement 

If you want your staff to be more productive, you need to get them engaged in their work and with the company. As a manager, it is up to you to come up with innovative strategies to do this. If you have a company that has a clear set of core values, it is easy for the staff to feel that they fit in are helping you towards whatever goal you want to achieve. If you don’t have these, it is about time you create some. You also need to boost communication. You need to speak to each individual, if possible, and learn a little bit about their lives. If you develop an open communication culture where staff feel free to speak and that you listen to them, you may find this boosts their engagement. It is important that you reward a job well done. If someone goes out of their way to please a customer or resolve an issue, this must be recognised. Another strategy is to ask your staff about how engaged they feel and how you can improve this for them. 

Think About Your Tools

So many hours are lost on inappropriate tools. Perhaps it’s an outdated computer system that has more bugs than the film Antz. Or maybe your fleet of cars are getting tired and old and need updating or replacing. Sometimes to increase productivity, it can be something as simple as replacing the lowering springs, for example. Why don’t you have a word with the staff who perform the job day in and day out and find out exactly where the issues lie. You can create an action list and begin ticking it off. Even though the initial cost of a new system, tools, or parts overhaul can be expensive, in the end, it will pay for itself. In addition, you cannot grow the business on tools designed for a small business. You have to upgrade.


Outsourcing is a great solution to productivity issues, especially within small to medium-sized businesses. Are there any tasks that you try to do in-house that perhaps are not performed all the time and lend themselves to mistakes? Sometimes it is far better to call in the professionals than trying to burden your staff with complicated accounting issues or cybersecurity issues, for example. Spending a little money on the complicated and intricate tasks and allowing your in-house team to get on with the day to day running will smooth things out. You will experience less personal stress as you are safe in the knowledge that someone in the know is performing the job, and your staff can focus on their everyday tasks.


As with anything, once the new comes in, the old becomes redundant. Conduct a thorough investigation into all the tasks performed in house and work out what can be removed. The more outdated and pointless tasks that get eliminated, the better your production will run. Additionally, automate anything you can. Any staff member wasting precious hours on boring, mundane tasks that can be done by a computer, such as email sorting, should be upgraded now. People work better when they have a bit of mental stimulation. Any repetitive, boring task will result in lagging and inefficient staff members. 

Improve the Conditions of the Workplace

If you want staff who want t be there, you need to give them somewhere nice to work to boost that morale. At the very least, you should offer free teas and coffees. Over and above that, why not fill the office space with plants, these a great for filtering out toxins in the air as well as creating an ambient atmosphere conducive to work. Make sure the toilets are pleasant and smell nice, and have a great kitchen and canteen area. The little things really do matter.

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