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Most People Try To Save Their Marriages

Most People Try To Save Their Marriages

We have a culture that seems to suggest that marriages are a throwaway item. After all, upwards of fifty percent of marriages end in divorce, which is a tragedy for everyone concerned. 

Marriages, though, are still an institution that people care about. As the following infographic demonstrates, the average person spends more than twenty-four months considering their options, and more than 18 months trying to make things right. 

Ultimately, marriages don’t break because people fall out of love. Instead, there are other big issues at play. The main one is the fact that people believe that marriage will be easy. They think that by choosing the right person, they can have a great life together with them. But things don’t usually work out that way. 38 percent of people believe that their marriages will last forever – and that’s why they work so hard on them.

There are all sorts of reasons people get divorced. The number one reason, unfortunately, is infidelity. The second is being unhappy, and the third is arguing too much. Things like money problems and abuse are actually quite far down the list of reasons for people breaking up. 

More than three quarters of people say that they try to fix their marriage before deciding to break up. Around a quarter said that they didn’t bother. Most people split up amicably – about 53 percent – which is higher than many people expect. 

If you’re interested in the statistics around divorce and breakups, check out the following infographic. It details some interesting statistics on how and why people break up. 

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