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Bring The Love Back To Your Marriage With These Tips

Bring The Love Back To Your Marriage With These Tips

Life is stressful. There are jobs, studies, friendships, mental health issues, social lives, cleaning – it all has to be considered in your day to day, and on top of being excellent at as many of those as possible, you have to fit in a relationship and your marriage. There are a lot of balls that you juggle in the air, and it’s always a disaster if one of those balls drops, but dropping the one labeled “marriage” could threaten it more than you think.

As a couple, you stood in front of the people that you loved and promised to love one another come rain or shine, sickness and health and more. The last thing that you want to think about is the fact that you’ve lost time with each other and have forgotten how to love each other as much as you used to. When you marry someone, you grow and change with them as you both age. It’s more noticeable when you marry someone when you’re young, but taking the time to consider each other in the mess that is life together is so important. With the tips below, bringing that love back into your marriage is going to be easier than you think.

  • Learn Your Love Languages. The way in which we love each other is unique from person to person, and it’s for this reason that you need to learn your love languages for each other. One of you may thrive on Acts of Service, while the other may be better with Physical Touch. Once you both learn these together, you can work together to ensure that both your needs are met properly. When communication does not happen, the result is contacting Spodek Law Group to start the ball rolling for divorce proceedings. Communication is key and without it, you don’t have a marriage.
  • Be More Equal. From the housework to the career situation, equality is so important. Whatever you want for your individual goals and future, share this with your spouse and make sure that you can discuss how to support each other in equality. Usually, couples have one distancer and one pursuer and you both need to swap a little over to be more equal. For example, distancers in the relationship should learn to initiate time with their partner, or even sex. The usual pursuer needs to hang back a little and give their spouse the time to take charge.
  • Resolve, Don’t Fester. The silent treatment is a form of immature abuse in a relationship. It’s abusive to withdraw communication, so instead of giving someone the silent treatment, tell them you need space and to leave you alone for a while. This way, you’re not actively being ignorant: you’re giving yourself some space to think. Once you have taken a pause to breathe, resolve your issues and don’t allow yourself to sit on them. You shouldn’t go to bed angry – learn to understand each other, instead.
  • Be More Physical. So much of marriage is diluted by kids, careers, further study and home worries. You should try to make your love more concentrated and for some, this means increasing your physical affection. Initiate sex, but it’s more than just the making love section of the day! You should hold hands, hug as you pass one another, kiss every chance you get. There is so much more to love than just making love.

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