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3 Of The Best Car Alternatives For Your AM Commute

3 Of The Best Car Alternatives For Your AM Commute

Dread getting into your car every morning to negotiate the Thunderdome that is traffic on the way to work? Well, you’re not alone as many-a-heart sinks at the thought for the AM commute. The good news is there are other options to consider, many of which can be a great deal more enjoyable. Read about them in the post below. 


The first option that is laid at your feet, is walking. Yep, using your very own two legs to get you from your home to your work. There are many valuable benefits to choosing to walk to work over driving there too including improved cardiovascular fitness from all that regular exercise and all the benefits that go along with this such as improved mood. 

Walking (or running, if you are so inclined) also provides you with a wonderful chance to do other fun things at the same time like listening to music, audiobooks, podcasts. You can even choose to do a walking meditation if you like. 

Then there are all the amazing ecological benefits that walking to work provides, such as lowering your carbon footprint. Indeed, it is not surprising why so many people see this as the very best alternative to driving to work. 


First and foremost choosing an E-Scooter instead of using your car to get to work, means you’re in for a much more fun experience. OK, so they don’t travel as fast as cars but many versions have a top speed of around 20mph, which is fast considering you’re not enclosed, and for most of us commuting is often spent bumper to bumper in traffic too! 

Oh, and while we are on the subject of traffic, just like a motorbike, an E-Scooter has the mobility to nip in and out of stationary cars, cutting precious minutes off your daily journey to work, and leaving car drivers in their dust. 

Image by icsilviu from Pixabay

Additionally, E-Scooters are far cheaper to buy and to run than cars, a topic you can learn more about by clicking the link. Therefore, overall making E-Scooter a great car alternative for the commuter. 

Cut out the commute altogether 

Last of all, why not consider getting rid of your commute altogether? Instead, why not take up the option of working from home. Indeed, working from home is something that can become increasingly commonplace over the Pandemic, and that means many more companies are willing to allow their employees to do it, either on a full or part-time basis. 

As many of us already know, the advantages of working from home are many and include not having to beat the traffic, share space on public transport with strangers, and you can claim back a lot of time in your day, for something you choose to do. 

However, the Pandemic has also shown us that there are some pitfalls of working from home, especially over the long term. Therefore if you do choose these options it’s important to be aware of and account for these to stay mentally and physically fit and healthy. 

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