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The Importance Of Staying In Touch With Your Existing Customers

The Importance Of Staying In Touch With Your Existing Customers

You’re a busy person! With a myriad of things to do, staying in touch with your existing customers might be at the bottom of your to-do list. You might also assume there is little need to stay in touch with them at all. 

However, for the successful running of your business, communication with your customers is key. You can do this in varying ways, from sending out newsletters via email or by posting regular updates to your customers on your social media channels. You might even host a platform where you can bring your customers together, as this can be one way to stay in regular contact with them. Here’s one example of a website platform you can use to grow your online community.

But why should you? What’s the point? Why is regular communication key when you have so many other things to do? Well, here are the reasons why staying in touch with your existing customers is important. 

#1: Retaining existing customers is cheaper than finding new ones

Marketing to new customers is both time-consuming and expensive. There is a lot of market research involved when you’re trying to determine the right demographics for your product. And you have to eat into your budget with various marketing strategies when trying to attract new people to your side. 

This is why it’s important to retain your existing customers. If you already have a set of people who use your business, it makes sense to stay in regular contact with them. This way, they won’t forget about the existence of your business and they will be less tempted to migrate over to your nearest rivals. 

Regular communication with them is cheaper than marketing, as it doesn’t cost a lot to post on social media or send an email. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should stop marketing your business to new customers. But as you stand to make a profit from your current customers, you will have the money in place to fund your future marketing efforts. 

#2: Your existing customers will spread word about your business

If you can retain your customers’ loyalty, they will be more inclined to share word about your business to others. They might naturally gravitate towards doing this on social media or on business review sites. 

However, if you have built up a positive relationship with them, they should also do this for you if you ask for this practical support. They might also leave testimonials for your website if you ask them to. This is one reason why staying in touch is important as customers who feel affiliated to your business will be more inclined to help you. 

#3: Your business will grow

As a consequence of what we have said thus far, your business has a better chance of growth. This is because you will always have customers on your side if you manage to retain them, with the spending power to support your business’s growth needs. And when your business has regular customers, you will also boost your reputation. This is especially the case when existing customers encourage new customer trust by sharing a positive word about your business. 

So, don’t let your existing customers go. As they are the lifeblood of your business, stay in touch with them to ensure you’re never too far from their minds. 

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