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Five Ways To Use The Rain In Your Property

Five Ways To Use The Rain In Your Property

It doesn’t matter whether you are interested in saving money on water or going off grid, you might think about how you can use rainwater in your day to day life. Are you already harnessing the power of the sun for your electricity? Well, then rainwater harvesting may make complete sense to you, and you wouldn’t be the first person to look at it! 
The rain is a natural resource and it’s going to keep happening, so you may as well collect what you can, learn how to filter it and use it on your property. You might not be reliant on the water board anymore, but you’ll still need to call in the experts in water pump repair if things go wrong. You’ll always see rainwater tanks in suburban areas, and while you might not choose to use your rainwater for drinking, you still might decide to use it for other things. Below, you’ll see five other ways that you can use rainwater on your property.

Photo by Sourav Mishra from Pexels
  1. Watering the garden. If you save rainwater, you can keep the plants and flowers in your garden alive while you are going through drought. Rainwater for the garden doesn’t need to be filtered, though, as it’s already softer than tap water. There are less salts and less chemicals. Plus, what’s more natural than the rain that comes from the clouds in the sky?
  2. Washing the car. If you have rainwater tanks full to the brim, they’re the perfect option for getting your car clean in an instant. You also won’t have to rely on your water mains to clean the car, saving you a lot of money. If there’s a drought, you won’t be shackled by restrictions in water, and you can filter the water so that your car will benefit from it.
  3. Flushing. Did you know that you can use rainwater to flush the toilet? A toilet uses an average of 9 litres per flush, which is a huge amount of water to use! Using the rainwater to help will really help you and all you need is to combine your new rainwater system to the commode and you’ll save money and rain!
  4. Washing your clothes. Yep, you can use your rainwater collection to wash your clothes. You can save thousands when you use rainwater to help you to do your laundry. You can only do it when the water is filtered, though, so make sure that you have a system set up to do this. This will protect the clothes from becoming discoloured!
  5. Adding more to the pool. You might choose to have a pool in the yard and with the right filtered rainwater, you can top it up and ensure that it’s to the brim when you are facing water restrictions! You’ll be adding chemicals to the mix anyway, but filtering the water makes it the best option for you to swim in without any issues with your skin. Rainwater is the best option to substitute!

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