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How To Ensure You Get What You Are Entitled To At Work

How To Ensure You Get What You Are Entitled To At Work

Every employee is entitled to certain things, which will depend on their role, the company that they work for, and what is in their contract. Each and every employee should sign a contract before starting to ensure that, in case anything goes wrong, they can attain what they are entitled to. 

If you are unsure of how to go about getting what you are entitled to at work, here are the best tips to help you take action.

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Have access to your contracts at all times

Once you have read and signed the contract for work, it is important to ask for your own copy. Otherwise, you might not ever see it again and have to take legal action to have access to it. Whereas, if you attain your own copy upon signing it, then you won’t have extra hassle. 

For example, you might ask for holiday time and your company refuses it. The best way to prove what you are entitled to be by assessing your contract. Ensuring that you have access to your contracts of employment will ensure that should you need to assess and prove your holiday entitlement. 

Ask for it

Asking it the best way to get what you want in life, even at work. If you know that you are entitled to something, then simply ask for it. Don’t be afraid. Otherwise, you might never attain what you are entitled to. 

For instance, you might lack training for your role, which will help you fulfil tasks better and therefore, improve your performance at work. Staff training is a must, therefore, it is best to ask for it so that you can attain the right knowledge to help you at work.

Set an expectation for your boss

Should you be awaiting something from your place of work, such as acceptance of holiday time or pension money, then you should enforce a deadline to your boss. Your boss will give you enough strict deadlines to work towards. Therefore, you are entitled to give them back if you are awaiting something that you are entitled to. 

Setting an expectation will ensure that your request doesn’t get left until the very last minute. It will show your company that you know what you want and are entitled to, which should ensure that they offer you respect. 

However, set an expectation politely as you won’t want to upset your boss and it could make matters worse. 

Seek legal action when necessary

Should you be unsure of how to go about getting what you are entitled to, or your company are not being easy to deal with, it can help to seek legal help. This will ensure that your contract is attained and assessed, which will help with proving what you are entitled to. 

Furthermore, it will help you understand the laws and rules around certain employee rights such as statutory sick pay. A legal team will help you understand and attain exactly what you are entitled to.

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