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Moving Abroad: Making It Efficient

Moving Abroad: Making It Efficient

Have you ever considered how difficult it could be to pack and move into a new place? Taking your current belongings and heading overseas is about as big as it gets when it comes to moving and if you want to know how to make it efficient, you’re in the right place. Knowing how to make going abroad easy is going to help you to get where you want to be with your future, whether it’s a business or personal one. 

There are a lot of costs to consider and moving abroad isn’t just a simple decision. You have to consider the people you’re leaving, friends and family, the job you have and want to move away from, the cost of the visas, homes and shipping containers you need to pay out for. You might want to think about how familiarizing yourself with the process will help. So, here are some clever tricks and hacks that will help you to set the tone and make your move a better one.

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  1. Create a checklist. You want to make your move a smooth one, and that means starting with a list. There really isn’t anything more satisfying than checking off a list of jobs you had written down. Your moving checklist should include a timeline of everything that you want to achieve with your move, and when you hope to achieve it. Some people get a ton of notice to move to a new property where others only receive a limited amount of notice. As part of your list, you can make sure that you include a budget that will suit your timeline. This list is all a great visual reminder of the steps of your move.
  2. Decide whether to hire the moving professionals. Your move may need to be done with the help of movers and if that’s the case, weigh up the pros and cons of spending the money. If you don’t have access to family and friends to help you, then professional movers for an overseas move is the next way to go. The movers will help you to take the stress off your plate, and that can be everything you need while you’re trying to achieve something great!
  3. Notify the right people. Going abroad means that you won’t be coming back to check your mail. You should ensure that you notify all of the right people when you plan to move abroad. You want to let the banks know, your employers, your utilities – they all need to know what’s happening with your move. Give them a new address to reach you if there is a problem, and make the right people aware early!
  4. Declutter. Packing less is so important when you want to move away. You should consider getting rid of most things if you want to save some money  on your shipping costs, especially where your furniture and larger items are concerned. 
  5. Invest in quality packing material. Moving abroad means that while some of your things will be out of shipping containers, the rest is likely to be loaded onto the plane with you. This means you need some quality packing materials for both the plan and the shipping container. It’s worth the extra cost if your belongings will be properly stored and cared for while it’s being shipped over. Don’t just get the free boxes from the grocery store, either. These aren’t going to hold up against the traveling that you need your things to do.
  6. Pack every day. Leading up to the move, make sure that you spend at least an hour per day packing. If you try to do too much more than that, you will end up with too much stuff left and not enough time. You’ll be overwhelmed with stress, you’ll end up more wired and feeling bad about the entire thing, as if it’s taking up too much time! Tackling one room at a time will help you to get your move sorted as soon as possible. 
  7. Invest in good labels. Your boxes and crates need to be properly labeled so that you can know which room gets which boxes. Make sure to keep a key of which colors refer to which label, though, because you might find that you lose boxes entirely in the other rooms!
  8. Make space saves. When you are packing clothes, learn to make space for them. So, pack things onto hangers in the garment bags and make a point of choosing to roll the other items so that they fit into the smaller spaces. Excess clothing can really take up room if you’re not careful.

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