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What to Check when Moving into a New Home

What to Check when Moving into a New Home

Moving into a new home is an exciting and scary time. It can be hard to know where to start with so much to do. Here are some things that we recommend you check before moving in.

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#1 Check the roof

The first thing that you should do before moving into your new home is to check the roof. Make sure there are no leaks or damage to the roofing and that it does not need replacing. This can be dangerous if you don’t fix any problems with the roof as soon as possible!

Most roofs only need to be replaced every 20-25 years. However, if there is damage or the roof is leaking, it may need to be replaced sooner. If you are unsure whether your roof needs to be replaced, we recommend contacting a professional roofer for an inspection.

#2 Have a pest inspection performed

Another essential thing to do before moving into your new home is to perform a pest inspection. This will help you identify any potential pests or insect problems that may exist in the home. If there are any signs of pests, such as droppings, nests, or dead insects, you will need to take action right away. 

Pests can cause serious damage to your home and belongings, so it is crucial to get rid of them as soon as possible. Pest control services can be expensive, but they are worth it if they help protect your home from pests. If you cannot afford a pest control service, there are many DIY methods that you can try.

#3 Check the furnace and air conditioning

Before you move into your new home, make sure to check the CEC Furnaces and air conditioning. This will ensure that there are no problems with either of these systems before it gets too cold outside. If you find any issues with the HVAC system, we recommend hiring a professional for repairs or maintenance. 

You may want to consider getting quotes from multiple contractors so that you can compare their prices and services before making a decision on which one to hire. However, it is important not to rush this process as some contractors offer lower quality work at cheaper rates than others do. If possible, try contacting previous clients of potential contractors so that they can provide you with a reference.

#4 Have the plumbing inspected

The plumbing is another critical thing to check before moving into your new home. Make sure there are no leaks or damage and that all of the fixtures are in good condition. If you find any problems with the plumbing, we recommend getting them fixed as soon as possible. We also recommend installing a water softener if your home does not have one already. A water softener will help protect your pipes and appliances from mineral build-up, which can cause them to wear out prematurely.

These are just a few of the things that you should check before moving into your new home. By taking care of these things ahead of time, you can help ensure that your move goes smoothly!

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