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Long Distance Movers vs Major Van Lines: Which One is the Best for Your Move?

Long Distance Movers vs Major Van Lines: Which One is the Best for Your Move?

Every relocation is a difficult event. You want to be certain that you select the right moving company. Yet, you are having difficulty deciding since you are unsure of what is the best suit for you. You don’t even know what your alternatives are. Suddenly, you’re faced with a choice between long-distance movers and major van lines. Yet you’re not sure what each of these types of movers brings to the table. There is no simple answer. Each has advantages and disadvantages, and it all comes down to personal preferences. But, you should make an informed decision, and we will do our best to assist you in doing so.

The crux of the long-distance moving company vs. massive van lines debate

Alright, in layman’s terms and straight forward – the key differences are: 

  • Long-distance moving firms are similar to local movers but with long-distance delivery addresses. 
  • Van lines are national brand companies that typically handle long-distance moves. They are a group of local movers that have been assigned to the job. It means that a loading truck will pick up your belongings at the main terminal and load them onto a semi-truck with other shipments they have contracted.

So, now that we’ve covered the fundamentals, let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of each of these sorts of movers.

Companies that provide long-distance moving services

When moving locally, you typically have the option of renting a truck or hiring a full-service moving company. Independent movers are more likely to be less expensive than huge national ones. Hence, why not do the same when traveling long distances? This sort of mover is also known as a Direct truck mover or Dedicated truck. As previously said, it is similar to a local relocation but with a long-distance address. Movers arrive at your home, load your goods into a truck, and transport them in the same truck at your new address at a predetermined time. You can even inquire about the additional services provided by seasoned movers. Sometimes they will give services you didn’t know existed and assist you even more than you expected.

Long Distance Movers vs Major Van Lines: Which One is the Best for Your Move?

Advantages of Dedicated Trucks

So, what are the advantages of specialized vehicles that will tip the scales in this rivalry between long-distance moving companies and major van lines?

  • Dedicated truck for your shipment:  You will not be sharing a moving truck with anybody else. There will be a truck solely dedicated to your goods. You won’t have to worry about your belongings ending up in someone else’s living room.
  • Package delivered by the same truck that picked it up:  Your shipment will be delivered to your door by the same truck that picked it up. This alleviates your stress about the safety of your valuables. You’ve been trying to learn how to pack delicate objects for so long that you’ve mastered them. You don’t want them to be destroyed while exchanging moving trucks.
  • Consistent pick-up and delivery dates: Pickup and delivery dates are not contingent on anyone else. The time and date you choose when you make the arrangement will be honored, and you will know when to anticipate your items.

The disadvantages of dedicated trucks

Everything appears to be wonderful. Why would you not choose long-distance movers? There is, however, one disadvantage that should not be overlooked.

  • Cost – If the truck is not fully loaded, the price may be significantly more. This may come as a surprise, but you must cover the difference because the truck can only carry a specific amount of cargo. The weight of this could be a significant component of the price estimate. If you only load half the truck, you must reimburse the company for not loading the other half. This may conflict with the idea of getting rid of whatever you don’t need before moving.

Furthermore, the charges for independent movers are calculated on an hourly basis, which includes the time it takes to pack, deliver, load and unload the package, and transport it from point A to point B, as well as the manpower required. As a result, overall prices may rise.

Van Lines

Van Lines is a network of numerous national offices that are linked and collaborate as necessary. As previously stated, with a van line move, your things are picked up at your home and delivered to the main terminal, where they are put on a semi-truck alongside other cargo traveling in the same direction. This means your goods may be transferred between trucks or warehouses on their way to your new home. 

Pros of Van Lines

What are the benefits of van lines?

  • You only pay for the space you occupy on the trailer:  you pay for what you use. Thus you don’t pay for the full vehicle, just the space you occupy on it.
  • Why Reduced cost: Van lines may be less expensive than dedicated vehicles for a variety of reasons. The first reason is that your belongings are transferred between trucks and warehouses. The second advantage is that it lasts longer.
  • Nationwide recognition:  Van lines have the infrastructure in place to hire and retain quality movers. You’ve probably read about frequent relocation scams that you’d like to avoid.

Van Lines’ Drawbacks

  • Your shipment may be shifted between trucks: unlike dedicated shipments, your belongings may not arrive in the same truck they departed in. This could result in a mix-up with delivery addresses and other items.
  • Flexible delivery dates: Van lines normally provide you with a pick-up date and then a drop-off window. As a result, shipping could take up to two weeks.
  • Delays are possible: Given that Van lines make stops for other deliveries, delays are unavoidable.

The winner of the Long Distance Movers vs. Major Van Lines competition is…

The balance of the scale has tipped to one side, then the other. Yet, in the end, we returned to the beginning! There is no winner or loser in the fight between long-distance movers and huge van lines. Because it isn’t truly a contest. Both options have advantages and disadvantages. So it all comes down to personal preference. At the very least, you now understand the distinctions, which should make your decision easier.

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