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Signs Your Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working

Signs Your Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working

There is nothing more painful for a business to realize that their marketing strategy is incorrect. The money you spend to make your marketing matter needs to ensure that you are targeting the right audience for the right amount of time. You can choose to keep going when you realize that your marketing strategy doesn’t work, or you can quit, or you can change your strategy entirely. 

The thing is, how are you supposed to tell your marketing strategy isn’t working in the first place? The SEO service you choose should be reporting back to you. The analytics you invest in should be showing you how your marketing strategy is working. All of these things should tell you whether your marketing is working because if it isn’t, your business will cease being a success! So, let’s take a look at some of the most common signs that your strategy isn’t working.

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  1. Your social media has low views. If you’re posting on a range of social media sites, you need to ensure that your comments, likes and share numbers are up. One of the clearest and earliest signs that things aren’t right with your marketing strategy is that your social media numbers are plummeting. The whole point of social media is that you can increase and improve the conversation. If your numbers are falling, your strategy is failing. 
  2. Your conversions are slowing down. The biggest sign that something is wrong is when your conversions slow down to a stop. If you aren’t generating leads, making more sales or improving those sales numbers at all, then the chances are high that you’re targeting your marketing in the wrong areas. 
  3. You haven’t targeted the right audience. Another issue you could be having right now is that your traffic is low. If you are plugging money into a marketing strategy that isn’t bringing you any traffic, you’re using the wrong avenues! You have to target the correct audience and if you’re not doing that, it’ll show in your figures.
  4. Your marketing budget is out of control. Are you hemorrhaging money on your marketing strategies and not seeing much of a return? One of the clear signs your current options aren’t working for you is that you are spending and spending and you don’t see any profit in return. Get to know what your finances are telling you and pay attention to the change in numbers.
  5. You don’t have any real marketing goals. You know you need a marketing strategy but you don’t know what your goals are to get you there. Instead of speculating, it’s time to set some goals and make it all happen properly. You need a marketing plan to ensure that people can see your products and services and you remain visible to the rest of the world. Identify your target market and ensure that you have goals to make your brand visible with it. 

Now you know your marketing strategy isn’t working, you’ll be halfway to figuring it out once again!

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