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Cool Hobbies Every Dad Would Love

Cool Hobbies Every Dad Would Love

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Being a dad is a full-time job on its own. Today, dads spend three times as much time with their kids, but it doesn’t mean they can’t set time for themselves. If you’re looking for hobby suggestions for a dad, one of the first things to consider is his interests. You can also encourage him to try something new. This article has you covered! If you are constantly on the lookout for some fun and interesting hobbies for a father, here are a few ideas to get you started.


Photography is a fun skill to learn and a great hobby to pick up. It is also a great way to create and record important moments in your life. Plus, you can share these special moments with family and friends at any time. Seeking out things to photograph can also take your or your kids’ dad on new adventures. For example, if they are interested in nature, photography can lead them to hike up hills and mountains with beautiful views. It’s a great way to meet new people and experience new things. Plus, they will get to be more creative, especially as they build up your skill. You can develop your shooting and artistic styles as you practice. 

The bottom line is that photography is seriously cool and what’s more, there is space for you to specialize in as you develop from landscape to sports and wildlife. The possibilities are endless. 


Professional gunsmiths attend schools to be able to craft firearms. However, an amateur gunsmith can learn by practicing their collection safely. If your dad friend has completed some basic gunsmith tasks or is generally interested in learning more about firearms, then they can give this hobby a try. Apart from learning more about firearms, they can also practice their shooting. If the drive to a shooting range is long and requires an extensive amount of time, they can set up a small shooting range in your home where you can practice in your spare time. Ensure that this area is safe to help prevent accidents. 

If that’s not up to their speed, they can also try crafting guns. They can purchase a milling machine and make modifications to their firearm. If they are more into the woodwork, they might like to carve something on their stock. They can challenge themselves further and take on the task of building a firearm from scratch. Most beginners learn to build 80 percent arms blanks that cannot operate without further fabrications. Before getting into gunsmithing, it is advisable to check out local and state federal laws on firearms and stay regularly updated. 


Exercising is not a hobby, but it is an excellent way to spend your free time. Not only does exercise boost your physical and mental wellbeing, but it also acts as a stress reliever and keeps you energized. Plus, you can get rid of that dad bod while staying in shape. You can start exercising independently by walking, lifting weights, or running. You can even set up a small gym in your garage. If that’s not possible, you can register for a fitness class to help you stay motivated and meet new people. 

There are many hobbies out there to try out. Hopefully, this list has inspired you to look for more ideas for your husband or dad. It’s also a good way to teach your kids new skills and help them develop their interests.

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