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Does Your Office Entrance Give Off The Right Impressions?

Does Your Office Entrance Give Off The Right Impressions?

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First impressions are so important in business. If a prospective client or promising employee candidate is visiting your office for the first time, you ideally want them to feel welcome when they approach your office. Below are just a few tips for creating the right impressions. 

Make it clear who you are

Unless you’re running a top secret business, it’s probably a good idea to add some signage near the entrance of your office. You don’t have to invest in huge shop-style signage, however you should make sure that signage is visible enough for visitors to see when they approach, so that they know they’re in the right place. If you’re sharing a building with other companies, you may have to come to an agreement as to where to put your signage. 

Keep it clean and tidy

The entrance to your office needs to look presentable. Dirty windows, cobwebs and faded signage is likely to create a poor impression – make sure that the entrance is regularly being cleaned and that any old damaged decor is replaced. It’s worth also disallowing smoking immediately outside your entrance so that there aren’t cigarette butts everywhere (The Indoor Clean Act actually forbids smoking within 10 feet of any entrance or window, so people shouldn’t be smoking here anyway).  

Don’t skimp on security

While it’s important to make your office welcoming to the right people, you also don’t want to advertise your office to burglars and vandals. All office buildings should ideally have an alarmed front door. To monitor who goes in and out, you may want to consider also adding a buzzer or hiring a receptionist to sit by the entrance. Extra security measures such as CCTV cameras can also help to deter crime. Exterior lighting is also useful for keeping your office entrance illuminated after dark (motion sensing lighting is the most economical option). 

Guard against the elements

You should also consider how the weather can impact people’s first impressions. If you often get puddles forming outside your entrance, it could be worth looking into concrete and drain services to help improve drainage. If visitors often have to wait outside, erecting a canopy above to keep them dry could also be worthwhile. There are many other measures you can take such as adding double door systems to stop wind and rain getting in and laying grit to prevent ice forming. 

Make your reception lobby cosy

Once visitors are inside your building, you should consider the room that they enter first. If your office has a reception lobby, it’s important to make this space feel welcoming. Don’t settle for cheap uncomfortable chairs – if you have space, consider adding a couch and a coffee table. When decorating the walls, consider using calming colors and soft shapes to put people at ease. Plants are also great for creating a happy atmosphere. You could also consider using the room to show off your business’s achievements to help encourage visitors to put trust in your company. 

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