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What Does It Take To Market a “Technical” Business?

What Does It Take To Market a “Technical” Business?

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Everybody has to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Sometimes, it’s easy to achieve but when you are operating in an industry that has a number of technical components or you have to find ways to distill complex information that is understandable by the market at large, this is not easy. This is why you may need to take a different tack in terms of how you promote yourself. While many would look at modern marketing methods as something that is an extension or rehash of traditional marketing strategies, the fact is that while they look similar on the surface, there’s a lot more than meets the eye. What should any business really look at to maximize its reach, especially when operating in an industry that may not appear to benefit from unique marketing methods and technical or specialized information is crucial?

The Importance of SEO

SEO is one of the most cost-effective methods of marketing in any industry. It’s important to maximize your impact in terms of search engine results pages (SERPS). This is where SEO is probably the most pivotal part of any content marketing strategy. 

SEO is an effective way of driving traffic to a website, and ranking highly, but also, organically, is more important than ever. There are many tools you can use to improve your SEO, and many SEO and website marketing for plumbing businesses use a variety of tactics, but there are some big mistakes many small businesses make when it comes to SEO, including the following: 

  • Creating one-page websites. 
  • Not using CMS platforms (such as WordPress). 
  • Not using keywords in the page titles. 
  • Only using one subdomain.

There are many defining factors for ranking highly, including web page speed, content creation that covers a lot of keywords (without resorting to keyword stuffing) and providing value to an audience. SEO is one of the most important aspects of any form of marketing in the modern world. 

How to Measure Your Success

Working in an industry that demands a unique and technical approach doesn’t mean you can count your chickens before they hatch. Any business that is operating with a unique attitude or approach needs to understand that metrics provide the key solution. Being able to measure your success is crucial. Marketing is not a one-size-fits-all practice. You need to experiment and ensure that you can measure each part of your efforts so you can find the best ways to determine where your focus should be. In terms of advertising, you will need some essential analytics tools. 

Google Analytics

The great thing about Google Analytics is that it is free. It will provide every item of information you need to analyze the traffic to your websites. 


Urchin Tracking Modules allow you to track links across the internet so you can measure the return on your business investment, while also providing precise data about traffic sources so you can decide on what type of content or page is bringing more interest. 

From SEO tools to social media, there is a lot for any business to get stuck into.

How Does a Focused Marketing Strategy Beat a Traditional One?

As there’s a wide variety of aspects relating to marketing any company, the fact is that there are some big differences between a traditional marketing method and one that demands laser-like focus. These include the following:

A Demand for Competency

Competency is one of those things that may seem overlooked in the marketing world, but the reality is that for those who are creating content that truly resonates with its target market, the vast amount of technical information on offer needs to be on point. 

Users and developers can be quick to dismiss any input from a source that is not able to convey the finite details of a service or product. Therefore, it is essential in terms of marketing to work with experts who are able to distill technical information to its finite points that communicate with all walks of life. Because of the specialized nature of many technically-oriented businesses, this leaves little room for generalizations and buzzwords.

The Need for Private Networking 

In order to get any unique project off the ground, it involves reaching out to a variety of sources, such as angel investors or venture capitalists that operate in a very niche sector. In order to appeal to a target market, this is where PR firms can be used to go beyond the typical strategies. 

Communication is a crucial component of marketing, and this is why a robust network of experienced developers, leading consultants, and qualified investors may be pivotal to driving that traffic to the webpage. Traditional strategies don’t always work, however, it’s important to note that, when marketing any business with a specific service, it is vital to align with influencers who frequent the right social media platforms and online hangouts.

The Key Notion That Underpins Everything: Trust

Building a brand that evokes trust is more essential than ever. The fact is that if you are looking to promote a company, you’ve got to build a reputation as a trustworthy resource. You can do this through a number of key approaches. 

Communicating Your Brand Through Great Storytelling

The fact that so many businesses are poking their head through the parapets means that there are also a number of novices trying their hand at promoting their business. You can start to create insightful content around your chosen niche, such as plumbing and the unique components, and demonstrate your knowledge to establish yourself as a leading source of wisdom regarding education.

Marketing in any respect requires a lot of soul-searching. Within any industry, it’s vital for any company looking to carve out a space for themselves in a growing and competitive world, which is why marketing practices will make a big difference. Typical marketing may embody a bunch of approaches many are aware of, but while there is some carryover into any industry that tends to operate on the fringes, the fact is that if you want to make a difference you’ve got to undertake a far different approach to make yourself stand out in an industry that has a lot of attention thrust on it. 

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  1. When it comes to marketing a technical business, I would agree that SEO plays a major role in the matter. Knowing how to implement the right practices will go a long way in helping your brand achieve greater visibility.

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