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How To Attract The Best Talent To Your Business

How To Attract The Best Talent To Your Business

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Promote Employee Referrals

Some of the best strategies for recruiting and shortlisting candidates are actually quite simple. The first stage you should work on is to turn all of your existing employees into recruiters by encouraging referrals. 

The simplest strategy can be the best, such as:

  1. Hire the best people that you can find
  2. Keep them happy and challenged in their work
  3. Encourage them to refer their most talented friends
  4. Offer an outstanding candidate experience
  5. Repeat, until you have outgrown your employees’ networks

By the time you can’t repeat this process anymore, you’ve probably developed a dedicated in-house recruiting team and have found a leading recruitment agency that you can work with. 

Use recruitment agencies to widen the net

When it comes to getting your business seen by all of the available talents currently on the market, it’s good to utilize recruitment agencies where possible. This is great for expanding your search and helping to find great talent. 
Recruitment agencies can use the best recruitment methods for finding top talent without your business itself having to lift a finger.

Prioritize Candidate Experience

A bad experience during the recruitment process can leave you with a bad reputation that is hard to recover from. 

Remember that the experience a candidate has during the recruitment process is the first interaction that they have with your business. 

A candidate experience that has been handled with thought shows that your organization cares about its people, even before they’re on the team. This is a good message to send to not only new candidates but also to new hires and longstanding employees. You’re showing the importance that you place on people at every level of your organization. 

If candidates have a good experience at the interview stage, even unsuccessful applicants should still have good things to say about you. A bad experience will leave a bad impression, both on the candidate and the employee who referred them. 

Is your candidate experience on the right track? Did you:

  • Provide an accurate, up-front description of the job duties early on?
  • Show up on time?
  • Come prepared?
  • Provide a warm introduction to the team?
  • Exchange feedback with a candidate?

Have A Great Offboarding Process

This might seem a strange focus for recruitment, but a good offboarding experience is actually a very important part of a successful recruitment plan. Not all employees choose to leave for bad reasons, and how things end can depend on the way that your employees are offboarded. 

A lot of businesses put all their efforts into the ideal onboarding experience and can end up forgetting how important post-onboarding events can be as well. 

Just like the current employees who like your organization enough to refer their friends to you for work, past employees can do the same. Sometimes, past employees can be as good a source of referrals as current ones. Past employees aren’t just potential ambassadors either. Former employees who had a positive experience working for your organization and were offboarded in an amicable way are more likely to consider coming back in the future, with new skills from another organization. 

How To Attract The Best Talent To Your Business

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