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What To Think About When Buying Your Next Car

What To Think About When Buying Your Next Car

If you are looking to purchase a new car then there are several factors you need to take into consideration before buying one. It is essential that you think carefully as it is a pretty pricey investment. Remember, the majority of cars will never sell for more than you buy them for. You have to look after your car and treat it well to ensure you get a great price for it when the time comes to sell. Take a look below to find out what you have to think about when buying a new car.

Budget Available

First of all, there will be no car being bought if you haven’t worked out your budget. A car isn’t something you can just head out and buy, it isn’t a sandwich from the store. You have to plan when it comes to buying a car. You also have to figure out how you are going to pay for the car of your choice. You have a few different options here, you can buy it outright using the money you have available, you can use a finance option, or you can apply for a loan from the bank. For the latter two, you will need a strong credit rating in order to be successful.

New Or Old

Knowing if you want a new car or an old car could mean the difference between a few thousand pounds. The only person who will know if you got an old car is yourself, so it depends on how car proud you are. Newer cars will be more expensive but have more high-tech specs, older cars are much cheaper but may not have things like cruise control. 

Size Matters

When it comes to your car you need to ensure it is big enough for your needs. This all depends on if you are using it for a work car or a family car. Both will need to be a fairly decent size as opposed to living the bachelor lifestyle. If you work in construction for instance then you may need to transport materials to and from different sites. If this is the case then think about investing in a truck rather than a car, they are more robust. However, if you plan on using it as a run-around or a family vehicle then you need to ensure there is plenty of room for everyone. 

This not only includes having ample legroom for everyone in the car but also being able to fit children’s car seats in. Some cars don’t have three full-sized back seats so be aware of this when the time comes to look around at cars. Make sure you also check the boot space, if you need to throw in buggies or shopping then you want to be sure everything fits. 

Safety Rating

It is essential for all involved that you check the safety rating of all the cars you are interested in buying. If you take a look at a poor safety rating, meaning nobody is safe in the event of a collision then you should cross that particular choice off your list. When cars come off the production line they go through testing with crash test dummies to check how safe they are. It is tested for drivers, passengers, pedestrians as well as other road users. The closer you are to 5* and 100% the better. If you are using the car as a family car then this rating will prove to be invaluable. Some people have even bought a car based on the safety rating it provided. 

Color Choice

Be aware that certain colors of vehicle will push your insurance prices through the roof. This is because they associate that color with inconsiderate drivers who don’t follow the rules and race around. Red is one such color that is notorious for raising your insurance, be prepared for this if you buy a red car. They don’t warn you when you buy a car that this will happen, so knowing could save you a few extra pounds. There can be a huge color selection for some cars, if you don’t want a common color then steer clear of black. If you want an easy color to maintain then stay away from white. There is a saying that goes if you want a clean car don’t buy black or white. This is because those two colors will always show the dirt and you will forever be cleaning your car. 

Fuel Type

Similar to the color of the vehicle there is some choice with the fuel type in vehicles as well. You can have a selection here, you can choose from petrol, diesel, all-electric, or hybrid. A lot of people are worried about the prices of fuel right now, so a hybrid or all-electric car may be better in the long run. There are downsides to everything and electric cars aren’t as perfect as they make out. If the battery fails then it can be pricey to replace, especially as in some cars you don’t actually own the battery. So you are forking out for something that isn’t yours essentially. Shop around and make sure you do your research so you get it right the first time. 

Costs Involved

Finally, your costs will never end with the purchase of the car. You will have continuous costs including any maintenance and servicing your vehicle needs over time. You can learn more here about vehicle repairs and maintenance. It is a good idea to keep some money aside for any replacement parts your car might need over the years. This may not come as a shock but you could be looking at thousands in car repairs. 

We hope you found this article helpful and it gave you lots of useful advice and guidance on what to think about when the time comes to purchase a new car. Remember, before you commit to one, take it for a test drive. You can tell a lot about a car when you are behind the wheel, from how well it handles to how comfy it is. Ask the dealership if you can take it for a spin. 

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