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Why SUVs Are The Best Family Cars

Why SUVs Are The Best Family Cars

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As a dad, you see it as your mission in life to provide what’s best for your family. You want to make sure that your kids grow up with as many opportunities as possible. You want to afford a nice house in a nice neighborhood, and you want to send them to good schools. You’ll do everything to make your family feel loved and appreciated. 

Alongside all of this, you want your family to feel safe. Now, part of this involves creating a safe place for them to call home. However, another aspect revolves around your family car. You’ll take many journeys in this car together, so you want to ensure that your kids are constantly protected. 

Of course, keeping your kids safe in the car will come down to two major things. Firstly, you have things that you can do to make them safer while they’re in the car. This includes fitting the appropriate car seats, turning on child safety locks, and much more. But, the other major thing is arguably more important: your choice of car. If you choose the wrong type of family car, your family will instantly be less safe. So, what type of car should you choose? Nowadays, more and more families are opting for SUVs. What is an SUV and why is it the best family car choice? Don’t worry, both of these questions will be answered for you in the following post:

What is an SUV?

SUV stands for Sports Utility Vehicle, but what does that mean? It sounds like a flashy name with no purpose, and it basically is. SUVs are typically characterized as having the following features:

  • A raised floor to let them drive over rugged terrain
  • A higher roof than the average car
  • Lots of interior space

Some SUVs will have four-wheel-drive on them, letting them go off-road, but this isn’t an essential feature. In fact, more and more companies are manufacturing SUVs for road use only, largely thanks to the popularity amongst families. 

So, you now know what an SUV is, but why are they excellent family cars? Well, the way they’re made gives them some unique features that families will find extremely beneficial…

Increased Safety

The nature of an SUV means it is big and tough. It’ll be one of the biggest cars on the road, and it will be built to withstand lots of bumps and bruises. As a result, your family is safest when kept inside an SUV. A crash that might destroy a smaller car will leave an SUV with a small dent. Impacts are lessened in these big utility vehicles, and they are often large enough to have more safety features as well. This includes airbags in the door panels, keeping the passengers safer in the back. The higher position of the car on the road also makes it a lot safer, reducing the risk of injuries if you are in an accident. Overall, this type of car is just far safer than many others on the market right now. 


Additionally, SUVs are designed to be extremely spacious. The high roof means you feel less cramped inside, which can help your family feel way more comfortable during long trips. There will also be more space inside the car, further adding to comfort. A standard SUV will have a minimum of five seats, making it ideal for a growing family. You won’t need to sell your car and get a new one if baby number two comes along – or number three! In fact, some SUVs will have two extra seats in the back as well, meaning you could seat up to seven people in the car. If you don’t need the seats at the moment, they can be folded down to give you larger trunk space. 


As well as being very safe and spacious, SUVs are known for their practicality. This is a car you can take your kids to school in, then drive straight to work with no problems at all. Despite their size, they drive really well in busy city streets – and they excel when used on highways. The space inside an SUV is also so useful. There will be more than enough room for the weekly shopping every Friday, and it’s a car that can be perfect for family holidays. The trunk space allows plenty of room for suitcases, and most SUVs can be fitted with roof racks as well. Oh, and the power and strength of these cars mean they’re great for towing. So, if you have a caravan that you like to use, this is a brilliant type of car to tow it with. 

Long Lasting

The other benefit of SUVs being big and bulky is that they will last for a long time. They’re not likely to succumb to problems from bumps and bruises like other cars will. These cars tend to last for a very long time, making them excellent value for money – which is precisely what you want in a family car. 

What SUVs are the best to buy?

Evidently, SUVs are extremely good family cars and you can see why so many dads and moms are buying them. With that in mind, which ones are the best to buy? You’ll have to do some research but look for brands that have a good track record of producing excellent SUVs. As you can see on the Bayside CDJR website, brands like Jeep and Dodge are always great bets. Nissan is another manufacturer that makes a lot of high-quality SUVs, so watch out for them too. Check the reviews before making any purchases to be sure that the car is right for you and your family. 

As a quick roundup of everything we’ve just spoken about, SUVs are sports utility vehicles that are designed to be tougher and larger than the average car. They are widely considered the best family cars because they have exceptional safety ratings, plenty of interior space, excellent practical features, and brilliant longevity. If you want to keep your family safe and comfortable while on the roads, maybe you need an SUV as your family car.

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