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Failsafe Strategies To Up Your Brand Awareness

Failsafe Strategies To Up Your Brand Awareness

Your business could have the best idea to hit the market in decades, it could offer stellar services that should see it stand out from the crowd but none of that is a guaranteed route to success. The business world is busier than ever with so many tools making it accessible for start-ups too, well, start-up. You are no longer competing with a similar business model operating down the road from you, you have the whole world at your computer screen, as do your customers. It is why increasing your brand awareness is as vitally important as having a killer product line or business model. Brand awareness will help customers recognize and think about your brand. It ensures they can identify it in much the same way you associate burgers with Mcdonald’s. It will ultimately help build your customer base. 

So the important question is, how do you build brand awareness? What is more, another key concern for business owners, especially fledgling business owners is how do you build brand awareness without breaking the bank? Below are some failsafe strategies to help improve your brand awareness, in line with your start-up marketing budget. 

Get your name out there

No one is going to know or recognize your name if you do not take steps to get it out there and put it directly in front of people. They will not go looking for it so you have to make them see it. Here are a number of ways you can do that. 

  • Social media. Create social media accounts that target your audience, engage with them and create content that is relevant to your brand but important to your customer base. 
  • Use influencers on social media. Paying an influencer to advertise your product on their social media channels (channels that typically have thousands of followers) is a great way to expose your name and help build a relationship with customers. 
  • Generate organic traffic to your website using SEO tactics. 
  • Create a blog section on your website that publishes unique content that customers or users will want to share across their channels. 
  • Online advertising such as Google Ads, social media ads, or YouTube ads. 
  • Utilize email marketing. Email marketing for small business is a great strategy to get your name and services directly in front of people. It also provides an opportunity to convert emails to clicks to your website, which can turn into sales.  
  • Get involved in local events, fundraisers, charity events, fetes and fairs, anything that gets you exposed to the local community. 

Be more than your product

Customers want to know and trust a brand, they want a brand to be more than a sales funnel plugging advert after advert and only concern themselves with the bottom line. Customers respond to a story behind a brand. They want to build a trusted relationship with a brand. Make your product about something more than just the items you sell. Spend time and money cultivating a reputation, a history, a purpose, and a relationship with your customer. If nothing else it will help the customer remember you over and above a company selling the same products. 

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