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What Does Your Business Premises Say About Your Business?

What Does Your Business Premises Say About Your Business?

In the world of business making a good first impression is vital. Chances are you will be trying to impress customers, investors, partners, and employees so you want to get it right when they turn up to your business. Take the time to walk in the shoes of those you are trying to impress and think about the impression they get when they pull up outside of your business premises. Are they getting off on the wrong foot? Are you making your job harder before they have walked in the door? If this is cause for concern then here are some key areas you can address.

The Exterior 

This is the first thing your customers will see and for some businesses, it is not of huge importance. For others, however, it is imperative, especially if you are trying to stand out and get the attention of customers. Restaurants, beauty salons, hotels, fashion stores, and commercial offices are all great examples of businesses that need to have a well-maintained and sleek exterior

Firstly your premises need to be in good repair. Failure to do so will give the impression of a tired business that has lost its way. A leaky roof or flailing gutters will see customers walk by. Hire professional commercial roofing contractors to give your roof a clean bill of health and ensure that it is in impeccable aesthetic and functional order. Hire tradesmen to get the frontage up to standard and invest in quality designers to produce a company logo you want to display with pride. 



Another guaranteed way to turn off potential customers or business users is to have unclean and untidy premises. Your reception desk is often what they will first see and it will set the tone of the space–so it has to be clean and tidy. If it’s messy, you’ll set the wrong tone. It tells customers that your standards are not where they should be and neither do you have much regard for the health and safety of the users of your premises. This has never been more important than in the post-pandemic world and is especially relevant if your business serves food, and drinks or undertakes beauty or in-person treatments. If you want to showcase your firm at its best then don’t let your cleaning fall by the wayside and keep your business spick and span. 

The Atmosphere

The internal feel of your premises will reflect on your business users. When a potential user walks through the door you want them to feel at ease, welcome and comfortable. You can do this by ensuring the interiors are up to standard, and that they are well maintained and aesthetically pleasing. Think about your target market and how your interiors would best create an atmosphere in line with the services offered. For example, a salon offering facials and massages should be warmly lit, calming, and serene. Lots of soft lighting, neutral colors, and mood music is a great way to create the ambiance you desire.  

You should also ensure any customer-facing employees have a cheerful and helpful disposition. There is nothing more off-putting than walking into business premises and being greeted by grumpy staff who do not want to be there. It is a guaranteed way to lose custom. 

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