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Helping A ‘Maybe’ Customer Become A ‘Yes’ Customer

Helping A ‘Maybe’ Customer Become A ‘Yes’ Customer

What is it that helps you make the decision to purchase an item you were tentatively considering? Is it because the item is now on sale? Perhaps you’ve watched a YouTube review of the product in question and think that it’s ideal for you? Or maybe you feel educated about its intent and feel confident you can use it well?

For example, it might be that you’re choosing between two pan sets for your home stove. One is non-stick but more expensive. The other is better value for money but is stainless steel. You’ve heard stainless steel frying pans can make your food stick to them if not used correctly, and so you lean towards the former. But because the manufacturer of the steel pans has put out a handy guide for newcomers, showcasing how to warm the pan and put the oil in afterwards, and how to cook proteins correctly, you now feel that you have the chance to use them effectively and go for the better-value purchase.

This is an example of a company going the extra mile to secure your custom, by taking a value-added approach. Let’s consider how to replicate that principle in more than one way:

Pricing Appropriately

It’s important to keep your prices dynamic, that is, making sure that they’re appropriately priced for the platform you use to sell, as Amazon repricing software can help you with. Promotions, discounts for multiple items in one purchase, reasonable delivery costs, all of this can help you get the edge over another even if it means that your product is more expensive than a competitor. Remember, people rarely look for the cheapest item. They look for value.

Introductory Promotions

It’s also good to welcome new purchases by offering introductory promotions for new customers. This softens the ‘should I give this a try?’ hesitancy that may otherwise be present, and may still exist no matter how well you’ve marketed your product with informed understanding at the pinnacle of everything you do. Introductory promotions can also help you showcase the true value you offer, and if you’re very confident about your product, then odds are you’ll guarantee that second purchase. At the very least, customers will know what you offer, so they may purchase every now and again as opposed to every time.

Excellent Warranties

A great warranty can be a good way of limiting the risk of first-time purchases. If someone knows that, when buying supplements from you, they have a 45-day grace period where they can complain and keep the item for a full refund no-questions-asked, they’re more likely to try it. This may sound strange, but you’d be surprised just how many businesses are taking this approach. It shows that you have confidence in your goods, and it will inspire more purchases than you’ll attract those looking to exploit the system.

With this advice, we hope you can better help a potential ‘maybe’ customer become a ‘yes’ customer in the best possible way. Thinking and planning for long term market share helps with this.

Helping A ‘Maybe’ Customer Become A ‘Yes’ Customer

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