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Signs Your Spouse Is an Alcoholic

Signs Your Spouse Is an Alcoholic

Even though drinking beer and treating yourself to vodka is legal in the United States, we all know it’s illegal to drive any motor vehicle after drinking. The consequences of these decisions are catastrophic and tragic, and sometimes you won’t be forgiven easily.

Can I get life insurance with a DUI? How forgiving are insurance companies of the risks of substance abuse and other illegal activities? We’ll discuss the ways you can identify these problems in your family and friends and get the help you or your spouse needs. 

We’ll also talk about how alcoholism and other addictions affect the people around you and the financial state of your family and loved ones. 

How do you know someone is an alcoholic?

Suppose your spouse has a casual or business-minded interest in alcohol. There are probably no worries about their beverage consumption. It’s when the drinking turns into a several-times-a-day thing that you need to start asking for some help.

If drinking interferes with other typical responsibilities, you need to tell the victim of alcoholism that they need professional counseling. Holding off and ignoring the problem can lead to dire consequences.

Also alcoholics sometimes loose control of their anger and emotions, which can lead to domestic violence that wouldn’t have occured if alcohol wasn’t assumed in exess. 

In addition, blood tests for life insurance and police stops may reveal signs of heavy alcohol use in the last 12 hours, so this can also be a sign of alcoholism

What are the ramifications of alcoholism and substance abuse?

If someone you love is abusing alcohol, there is a good chance they will get behind the wheel of a car and try to drive while under the influence. This could lead to the death of them and other innocent people. 

If the driver does survive the crash, they will see horrific financial consequences for their actions. Getting a DUI makes your insurance rates multiply by two or three times what they originally were. It can take five years or more for “forgiveness” by your insurance company. 

Life insurance is also a no-go when you have any sort of drug or alcohol abuse on your record because you are a massive risk to the insurance company. Be responsible and get the help you or your loved one needs before these things happen.

How can you help the ones you love overcome alcoholism?

Realizing you have a problem is the first step towards recovery. Often a spouse won’t see the issue when you bring it to their attention because they think you are hard on them. Try to find other family members or friends who can intervene and help them see the light. Employers can also get involved with their well-being if they are an ethical company.

There are solutions, but you need to search for them. Alcohol abuse is a common disease, and everybody deserves to recover before it is too late. Don’t be too hard on yourself or the people in your life who are struggling. Everyone deserves love during their darkest moments, and that is what you can give them. 

Shawn Laib writes and researches for the life insurance comparison site, EffortlessInsurance.com. He cares about helping families overcome substance abuse and alcohol addiction with help from professionals who have experience in the field. 

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