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5 Platforms To Support Employee Wellness

5 Platforms To Support Employee Wellness

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Modern businesses must adopt an excellent wellness program to look after the health of their employees. With the right support in place, businesses can reduce absenteeism, lower health care costs, boost productivity and have happier staff. Several platforms can help you to improve employee wellness, so let’s take a closer look.

1 . Wellable

Wellable is a company wellness platform which helps organizations to offer wellbeing activities and modules for their employees. Wellable provides wellness challenges, games, quizzes, and personalized wellness tasks to suit each staff member. There’s also an option to use the app with wearables to track physical and nutritional health goals. Wellable provides a huge range of health content, including holistic webinars and health articles. Wellable can help staff to work on all aspects of their wellbeing, including physical health, social, emotional, financial and more. With the right wellness program you’ll make your employees happier.

2. Vantage Fit 

Vantage Fit is a corporate platform for both wellness and health; the tool supports employers to design the perfect wellness challenges and programs, to improve the health of their staff. A few features include calorie counter, heart rate monitoring, and goal setting. Vantage Fit also includes staff health competitions; using the leaderboard employees can track their progress, get motivated and gain incentives. With the activity tracker, staff can monitor each activity they do, whether it’s cycling, walking or running.

3. Unmind 

Unmind is a workplace mental health platform, supporting employees to understand, measure and boost their mental wellness. At the same time, managers can gain an understanding of the mental health of their people. The platform focuses on seven areas including connection, happiness, fulfilment, calmness, health, coping and sleep. All tools are clinically backed and include wellbeing assessments to keep users on the right track. Businesses are well aware that mental health problems are steadily on the rise, and that workplace stress is a contributing factor. To address the issue, and help your staff stay afloat, the right wellness program is just what you need.

4. Life DoJo

The LifeDoJo staff wellness program offers one-to-one coaching, and habit building content, to ensure the perfect wellness content for all staff. The app was created to help businesses engage all employees, build healthy habits that last, and minimize corporate health care costs. The program includes several different modules, such as:

  • Healthy Eating: Ditch the fad diets and get involved with top quality nutritional programs, all clinically proven and created by Harvard experts.
  • Exercise: These exercise programs are based on behavior pathways and designed to build lasting habits. LifeDojo helps you understand the mental and the physical advantages, and create a regime to suit your lifestyle.

Further Advice 

While you are considering your wellness programs, it’s a good idea to review your drugs and alcohol testing policies. Drug and alcohol abuse can lead to unsafe working environments, increased absenteeism, reduced wellbeing and loss of revenue. It’s important to work with the right company who can support you with your drug and alcohol services. For more information, take a look at dot alcohol and drug testing.

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