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Why A Free Counseling Service Is The Best Employee Benefit You Can Offer

Why A Free Counseling Service Is The Best Employee Benefit You Can Offer

Offering the right employee benefits is crucial for businesses that want to keep their team happy and productive. It’s also vital if you want to attract the best talent to your business. However, many companies prioritize the wrong kinds of benefits. Things like company cars, for example, are a great added bonus, but they are not top of the list of desirable benefits for most people.

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In the current climate, workplace counseling and mental health support are one of the best benefits that you can offer. It has a positive impact on everybody on your team, regardless of whether they need to use the service or not. These are some of the reasons why workplace counseling is one of the best benefits businesses can offer. 

Support Employee Health and Wellness 

As an employer, you have a responsibility to look after your employee and support their wellness in any way that you can. Managing their workload to reduce stress levels and offering other benefits, like good health insurance, can help a lot here. But helping them to stay on top of their mental health is also very important. By providing a free counseling service, you give employees an opportunity to speak to a professional if they are struggling with issues, whether they are related to work or not. Having the tools to manage their mental health will improve their overall wellness, and you will notice a big difference in their work as a result. 

Build A Reputation As An Employer That Cares

When people are choosing a company to work for, there are a lot of factors to consider. Obviously, the salary is a big one, but people also prioritize working for a company that is invested in its employees. Finding ways to demonstrate that you care about your employees and you are willing to invest in their success and happiness will make it much easier to hire the best employees and keep them for a long time. Setting up an employee assistance program to offer counseling and support to those that need it is one of the best ways to demonstrate your dedication to your employees. These kinds of initiatives are what sets you apart from your competitors. 

Reduce Employee Absenteeism 

If you constantly have employees taking days off, productivity slows down and it costs you a lot of money. Often, people are struggling with mental health issues and that is why their attendance drops. This is especially true in workplaces where there is a poor work-life balance, but it affects all businesses. Counseling services will help employees manage mental health issues before they spiral out of control and cause them to take time off work. As a result, everybody in the office is much happier and productivity will be at an all-time high. 

Even though a company car or a free gym membership might look great on a job advert and entice a few people, it’s the meaningful benefits like counseling services that make a real difference. By supporting your employees’ mental health, you create a happier workforce and a more productive business.

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