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Tackling The Negative Consequences Of Rainy Days For Your Retail Business

Tackling The Negative Consequences Of Rainy Days For Your Retail Business

Rainy days are never enjoyable, but that’s mainly because they make us feel a bit miserable. The only time you enjoy the rain is when you’re tucked up in bed with a warm drink. For a retail business owner, this weather condition is one of the worst around. It can lead to a string of negative consequences that cause issues throughout your company. 

What does this mean? We’ll run through what the main consequences are and how you can tackle them in the following short guide: 

Issue 1: A lack of foot traffic

What happens when it rains? People are less likely to go out and about in bad weather. Thus, your poor retail store suffers from a lack of foot traffic. You’re unable to make as many sales on these rainy days – and they can add up over time. Especially if you live somewhere that sees a lot of rainy days throughout the year. 

How do you tackle this? The only solution is to ensure you have another stream of income. For most retail stores, the natural idea is to have an online store for people to visit from the comfort of their homes. It will mean that, on days when it rains and people don’t come to your store, they can still make purchases from home. 

Issue 2: Water leaks

Yes, water leaks are a big problem for a lot of commercial businesses. Why? Because commercial roofing seems to be made in a much worse way than residential roofing. Have you ever noticed that, when it rains, almost every store you walk into will have buckets collecting water leaking from the roof? And yet, at home, you never really suffer from these leaks. 

Naturally, water leaks can be dangerous and costly for your business. The best way to tackle the situation is to hire a commercial roofing company to survey your roof and make it more watertight. This should prevent the leaks from happening and disrupting your service. 

Issue 3: Safety hazards

A consequence of the water leaks and wet weather is that the safety issues in your business increase dramatically. Think about it, there is water being brought in from the outside, making the floor slippery. It boosts the chances for people to have an accident in your store, leaving you potentially liable. 

What’s the solution? Deploy a cleaning team to ensure the floors are being mopped and dried at all times. Also, be sure there’s a doormat at the entrance for everyone to wipe their feet, minimizing the water being brought in from outside. Finally, place clear signage around the store that indicates the floor is wet. This warning sign can cover your tracks as you’re clearly telling people to be careful. 

Evidently, a rainy day has more consequences than you ever imagined. It could lead to a reduction in sales because you aren’t seeing as much foot traffic. Plus, it can be costly as water leaks lead to water damage that need to be repaired. Finally, the added water in your building causes slip & fall accidents to be more likely, which could lead to all sorts of legal issues. Learn how to tackle these problems and you will be fine!

Tackling The Negative Consequences Of Rainy Days For Your Retail Business

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