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Translator Earbuds by Timekettle – Language Fluency in a Tiny Package

Translator Earbuds by Timekettle – Language Fluency in a Small Package

I have had lots of earbuds, but I’ve never had the opportunity to use language translator earbuds. So, when I received my pair of WT2 Edge Translator Earbuds by Timekettle, I didn’t know what to expect. Let me start by saying that my language skills beyond English are someone between slim and none. Now, I did write a #1 bestselling book, Leader of the Pack, which does contain a few words of Yiddish, however, it’s 99.99% in English.

I live and work a area in South Florida, US where about 50% of the folks speak Spanish. My significant other is from Belarus (speaks Russian), and my company is building an ship emissions capture device in Italy – where I will be headed in a month from now. A device that can translate multiple languages into English and vice versa, will be immeasurably helpful to me.

Meet the beautifully ergonomic WT2 Edge Translator Earbuds by Timekettle


WT2 Edge buds come in a sturdy and expensive looking an feeling box. You get the feeling of opening jewelry. And what you find inside doesn’t disanoint. The smooth carrying case/charge is made of very high quality, very smooth plastic. WT2 buds themselves feel very high quality, very sturdy and well-made. They are beautiful too with a larger than usual indicator light on each one. The quality of this unit and case is on par or better than anything I have touched from Apple.

In the box, is a quick start manual with a scan graphic to download the proprietary app, a brief and useful instruction manual (thank you!), optional ear loops, USB-C charging cable, and one size of soft ear pieces.

When I went to download the app, it tried to download an APK file on my phone, which many phones give you a very hard time about installing for security reasons. So, I went to the Google Play store and downloaded it there. When I opened the app it quickly connected to the WT2’s and did a firmware update. and took me right to the App’s main menu

Let’s Get Them Setup

The WT2’s fit my ear perfectly. They feel snug and completely comfortable, without the additional rubber covers. I wish my sports ear buds felt so good. Sound quality on voice is clear and loud. Everything seems to be controlled though the app. You must run the app to make these work. The app has 4 audible modes and a chat mode as well as built in manual, which I appreciate buy was missing instructions on the Listen mode.

Simul Mode: Two people each share one ear bud and speak their own language

Touch Mode: Translates spoken language on the touch of the screen, one phrase at a time.

Speaker Mode: Allows you to speak into (one ear bud) and the phone speaker broadcasts in the other person’s language.

Listen Mode: Allows you to place your phone near a speak (think classroom lecture) and have their talk translated into your language.

Chat Mode: Allows 40 people to speak at the same time. I haven’t had a chance to try this one yet.

In all cases you can choose the langue you speak and the langue you wish to translate from.

• Bi-directional Simultaneous Translation

• 95% Accuracy in 40 Languages and 93 Accents

• Smart Noise Reduction and 12-hour Battery

• 0.5-3 Seconds Fast Translation Speed

• Offline Translation for 8 Languages

Translator Earbuds by Timekettle – Language Fluency in a Small Package

Let’s Put Them to Work

My initial impressions were that this is a very cool and useful device. Translation in each mode was at 80%-90% accuracy and in every case (Russian, Italian, Spanish) I was able to understand the main point of what was being said and the other person was able to understand me. This is a huge success. Translation speed has a slight delay but is is totally usable and well within the claimed 3 seconds or less, especially if the other person knows that you using a translator and speaks a tad slower.

The app is easy to figure out but needs some smoothing of the user interface with non-friendly labels on some of the items. Graphically it’s not overly attractive and sometimes it’s not initiative which side of the conversation you are on. With some practice it’s easy to use and most importantly all the functions work.

WT2 Edge Final Scoring: 4.5 out of 5 stars

This is an amazing product and a marvel of modern technology. The ability to communicate in essentially any language and have that ability in your pocket is transformational. The build quality and ergonomics of these buds and charging case are the best I have seen. The way they connect to your phone and the way the app monitors the battery level and connection screams of quality programming. There’s even an off-line package to download so if you don’t have Internet, you can still translate in real-time.

To get that 5/5 rating, I’d like to see a better and more finished UI on the app, and the ability to also listen to music and take phone calls on this same device. Having to carry separate ear buds for this is a little disappointing.

In conclusion, I would not be exaggerating to say that the WT2 Edge Translator Ear buds will change my life for the better. I am looking forward to going to my favorite Spanish deli and ordering my breakfast in their native tongue, and conduction business in Italian (Being able to attend a meeting without paying for a translator) and most importantly, understanding what my partner is saying about me to her friends in Russian.

To learn more visit: WT2 Edge Translator Earbuds by Timekettle,

Translator Earbuds by Timekettle – Language Fluency in a Small Package

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