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Best Ever Nova Wireless Earbuds by Tranya

Best Ever Nova Wireless Earbuds by Tranya

Full disclosure: I own 10 sets of ear buds. 5 of them are just bad, but just can’t get myself to throw them away. 5 are good to very good and I use them for working out, listening around the house, or for work calls. Some from both groups are ugly and I only use them in private. I select which one to use based on comfort, sound quality, voice quality on calls, whether they stay in my ear and of course how they look.

Two weeks ago I received my pair of Tranya Nova ear buds. I wasn’t sure which pile of ear buds they would fall under: the good, the bad or the ugly. After two weeks of daily use, I can say unequivocally, these are the best ear buds I have ever used and it’s not even close. Maybe that spoils the rest of this review but I could not get my love of these out in the open fast enough. Now, let me say, no electronic device is perfect and I will get to my nit pick issue later but these are as close to perfect as one could hope for an under $90 audio device.

What I like best: These guys fit perfectly, comfortably in my ear and don’t fall out even under extreme sports. I fell in love after my first heavy workout.

I previously owned a pair of Tranya Earbuds and liked them very much. Unfortunately, someone else got to enjoy them since I left them on a restaurant table after lunch and they were gone in under a minute.

Let’s Put The Nova to Work

My Nova arrived in clean packaging with only the Tranya graphics on the front Pairing was super simple, just take out the buds from the sleek case and they start to pair with your phone. Connection to a Samsung Galaxy S22 took under 10 seconds. I started with a phone call and sound quality on the call was loud and clear, even at medium volume setting, and I repeatedly asked the other two people on the conference call how my sound quality was and they both answered that is was perfect.

The buds came in noise cancelling mode and I have to say it worked so well, I left them in after the call and didn’t hear someone calling me from across the office. I love silence. There are 3 NC modes: Full, Ambient Sound and Off.

The Nova’s fit perfectly and comfortably in my ear with the default ear rubbers. And as I mentioned before, they don’t even move a little in your ear all while being super comfortable for hours. This is a best in class feature. I also appreciate that the charging/storage cases for both units are small and as flat as possible. I have had other earbuds that when you put the case in your pocket, it bulges. And the Nova case is capable of wireless charging, Welcome to 2023!

We get ear buds to listen to music, videos and talk on the phone. Overall sound quality on the Nova has been spectacular. It’s equal or better than Apple’s best. Sound quality from these unit are simply the best I have experienced. Great dynamic ranges, no discernable distortion, even at high volume, strong bass and crystal clear sound quality. Battery life has gotten me through all day. It seems likely the specified 9 hours of playback is totally possible. Recharging is easy and it is appreciated that the case takes an Android-standard USB-C charging cable (included).

I use headphones almost everyday for the gym. I sweat a lot so the Nova’s IPX5 waterproof rating gives me confidence that I won’t ruin them. After 10 visits to the gym I have had zero issues. Now, I typically run to the gym and many headsets have issues along the run. During my run outside, other earbuds have skipped. These were rock solid with connection, even with the phone in my back pocket or in my moving hand. In the gym, I placed my phone in a holder in center of the gym. The Nova’s maintained steady connection to the ends of the gym. That’s about 60ft from the phone.

The controls on the Nova are mindlessly simply to use. One tap to stop, one tap to start. Hold for 1.5 seconds and you go through the noise canceling modes. A voice confirms your choice – brilliant. My only issue with the Nova is that the tap can be overly sensitive. It seems that when I wipe my head with a towel at the gym, the towel taps the ear bud, it acts like a single tap, turning off my music. It’s a little annoying and it has happened a few times. Of course, a single taps turns it all back on. Update: I just discovered another excellent Nova feature which allows customization of the touch settings in the app or disable the touch function altogether. And that fixed the problem I was having!

And finally a little disappointment in that the case only has a single small light to indicate charging – blinking for charging. Either multiple dots as a charge level indicator or a percent gage would have ben nice at this level. But you do have the app to tell you all of that.

And for those of use that like apps, me included, Tranya has an app (Android and iOS) to control your ear buds. That’s something usually found in very expensive units. The app is simple to register and use.

Nova Final Scoring: 4.85 out of 5 stars

Charging & Storage: 4.5 out of 5 stars • Music Sound Quality: 5 out of 5 stars • Telephone Use Quality: 4.5 out of 5 stars • Ergonomics: 5 out of 5 stars • Noise Cancelling 5 out of 5 stars • Value: 5 out of 5 stars •


Overall the Nova is a high quality piece of Tranya hardware that is going to dazzle your ears with high quality sound, simple functionality and spare your wallet Apple’s or Beat’s high pricing. In addition, this is the best fitting, noise cancelling ear buds you can buy. Maybe it’s time to throw away some of those bad ear buds I have?

Best Ever Nova Wireless Earbuds by Tranya

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