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20 Experts Answer: What’s Your #1 Sales Follow-Up Tip?

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As 2016 draws to a close, sales teams are hoping to finish the year strong.

Still, there are unreached numbers and distant quotas. What could be done now–just a few weeks before the year ends–to seal the deal, or maybe even to put these deals in a better position for 2017?

Surely, if there’s one thing salespeople need to be pushing the pedal on right now, it’s following up–attending to those pending deals, unresponsive leads, and those countless contacts on your “I’ll get back to you” list.

Despite the fact that closed deals often come from a series of conversations and very rarely from just one, salespeople still struggle with follow-ups.

The answers are insightful and eye-opening–all of them reinforcing the fact that follow-ups are necessary if you want to succeed in sales.

Here are their responses.

Matt Sweetwood

U.S. CEO and President of

When you make a sales follow-up call the most important thing to keep in mind is that you need to provide something useful to the potential customer. If your only intention is to see if they are ready to buy, your potential client will just see you as an annoyance and someone who is just looking to part them from their money.

It’s better to have something they want to know or can use: Something they can use in their business, a free offer, a new price, or a change in the product or service that is beneficial to them. Your goal is that the potential customer should always get something positive from you.

They will then always take your calls, answer your emails and chose you and your company when it is time to buy.



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Want to be inspired? Be first to get Matt’s Articles!

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