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8 Ways to Keep Employee Productivity High

8 Ways to Keep Employee Productivity High

Your employee’s productivity levels are one of the most important aspects of your business. If your employee’s energy is low or there’s a lack of motivation in the office, you may see declining numbers in the amount of completed projects. It’s up to you to keep those productivity levels high, but how do you do it? Here are some tips on getting the most from your employees.

Engage with Employees

A disengaged employee will allow his mind to drift during work hours. When your employees are distracted, the work doesn’t get done. The more engaged your employees are, the higher your productivity rates will be and the better the quality of work will be. You can help to engage your employees by being approachable, encouraging workplace relationships and challenging employees to use their talents to achieve higher levels of satisfaction.

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The Right Tools

It goes without saying that employees need the right tools to get the job done. Without the right tools, there’s bound to be a lack of productivity. Even simple tools, like time tracking apps, calendars and tools that limit the amount of time spent on distraction websites like social media, can make a huge difference to productivity levels. There should always be a budget in the business for providing your employees with the tools they need to do their job properly, even if it’s just a piece of software.

Encourage Time-Off

A well-rested employee will be a productive employee. Working your employees to the max without the opportunity for them to rest will lead to incomplete projects and a lack of motivation. Employees who don’t have regular time off will often end up unwell and forced to take time off work. Ironically, this usually happens at the busiest times. It’s not always easy to schedule time off for employees, so here are a few tips –

Hire the Right People

Unfortunately, there are many business owners who hire people because they can do the job, not because they want to do the job. Having a passion for what you do can make all the difference to productivity. If your employees don’t enjoy their tasks, it can be difficult to inspire motivation. Before hiring your employees, it’s important to think about the qualities that make the right person for the job. Hire people that will be willing to go the extra mile.

Keep Training Your Employees

Sometimes, a lack of productivity is just a case of employees not knowing how to do a task in a better way. There are always quicker and more efficient ways of working but a lack of training may be stopping your employees from gaining vital knowledge. Staying abreast of the latest training and methods of working will allow your business to stay innovative and your employees to stay ahead of the competition.

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Forget Micromanagement

Having a manager breathe down your neck every day can put employees off. Although you may think it’s good for employees to have someone who makes them responsible for their work, it’s far better to make the employees themselves responsible for what they do. Giving your employees the freedom and flexibility to work in their own time, without having to constantly worry about who is looking over their shoulder, allows them to be productive at the best times.

Communicate Clearly

If your employees aren’t delivering what you’ve asked for, there may be a problem with your communication. Communication works both ways, but a business owner has to be clear and concise about their goals and what each employee should be doing. Establishing ways of communicating properly with your employees will set you and your business up for success. Instead of focusing on what employees do wrong, consider focusing on the future and how each member of the team can create a solution to any problem that arises.

Remote Work

More and more employees are looking for flexibility in their job roles. Its why telecommuting has become so popular in recent years. Although working from home can have its distractions, it can also mean that work is done for longer periods of time. For example, the average working hours someone commuting to an office are nine to five. However, the average working hours of someone working from home are 8am to 9pm. It helps workers see to other responsibilities, like family, without having to miss out on producing work.

Bonus Way…Keep Them Comfortable In The Workplace

If your staff members are happy in their workplace, then they’re going to be more inclined to work harder and get more things done. This means keeping your attitude light and positive so that they have very little to worry about – you must keep a good level of strictness, though, as you’ll need to keep their respect. Providing certain things like warm, comfy break rooms and facilities will also keep them on the right path. If you currently have old, worn-out restrooms, then perhaps a refurbishment with new Toilet Partitions and a cleaner environment could be on the cards. If they’re more content with their surroundings, then their minds will be in the right place as they get on with their roles.

Productivity is like any other type of success; a little encouragement goes a long way.

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