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3 Unexpected Intrusion Risks In Your Business

3 Unexpected Intrusion Risks In Your Business

As a business owner, managing your physical premises is an additional responsibility that can take entrepreneurs by surprise. Indeed, your workplace needs to be a safe place for your employees. While Health and Safety requirements are a priority, they typically fall into the category of regular audits and checks in compliance with the relevant regulations. But other risks can physically threaten workplace safety. 

As a business owner, you need to protect your premises against criminal intrusions. Indeed, acts of vandalism and burglary can dramatically affect your business growth. Your insurer may not be inclined to cover damages if you haven’t taken the necessary precautions. Indeed, secured windows and doors are a no-brainer. You can’t afford to save money on the choice of a lock for your warehouse or your office. Additionally, the installation of an alarm will also protect your premises and discourage criminals. However, it’s fair to say that there is more than one type of intrusion you need to prevent to keep your workplace protected.

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Bats and birds can put your structure at risk 

Everybody loves wildlife, except when it makes itself comfortable in your office. Birds and bats are the first to look for protective cover as the winter months approach. They can find a way to nest under the roof of your building, especially if you haven’t run any roofing check and repair in a long time. While wildlife lovers may not see any issue with the situation, your unwanted guests might eat their way through your insulation and roofing structure to make themselves at home. As a result, they can increase the risk of water infiltration in the building. Additionally, birds and bats droppings can also put your team’s health at risk. 

No office should ever feel damp

If the office feels damp even when you’ve turned the heating up, it’s time to look for wet patches in your structure. It’s not uncommon to find black mold spreading under the bathroom sink or on the warehouse wall.Indeed, leaks can go unnoticed if they occur in an area that is difficult to access. As a result, by the time someone notices the leakage, mold has already flourished. Mold spores, however, can aggravate respiratory issues for vulnerable individuals. Additionally, they directly affect the perceived temperature in the building, as they result from dampness. 

Urgh, rodents are looking for warmth in winter 

Do cookies disappear from the kitchen cupboards and toilet rolls from the bathroom storage? You might want to keep your eyes open for a family of rodents. Mice turn to houses and offices in winter for food and shelter. In offices, however, they can make themselves comfortable at home, enjoying a lot of peaceful time when people are not at work. Ultimately, a rodent infestation will significantly affect the safety of your premises. Mice and rats can not only spread diseases and create an insalubrious workplace, but they also eat their way through wires, walls, and pipes. The last thing you want is to lose your data center to a family of rodents. 

Intrusions in your office can come in a variety of shapes. Don’t focus all your attention on refraining criminals from approaching your premises. There are other intruders you need to keep at bay too!

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