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How Can You Make a Good Impression to Customers?

How Can You Make a Good Impression to Customers?

Photo by Tim Gouw from Pexels

There are more businesses out there than ever before, meaning that regardless of what you do, you’ll be competing for customers with lots of other companies. One way to get people to shop with you over your competitors is to make a good impression, here are a few ways you can go about doing this. 

A professional looking website

Your website is the first thing that most customers will see of your business, and so it needs to make a good impression. Don’t try and scrimp here or do it yourself, invest in the services of a good web designer who can create you something bespoke and beautiful. Make sure it contains all of the information that a customer would be looking for- an ‘about’ page, contact information, social media links, a photo gallery, a blog, etc. In business you have to spend money to make money, and investing in a decent website is one example of this. 

Great customer service

Customers will always expect good customer service. Business is competitive, no matter what it is you do there will be other companies out there doing the same thing, if you’re not providing them with great service they’ll simply go and shop elsewhere. Make sure your staff are well trained, and hire the right kind of people when you’re going through the recruiting process. Ideally you’ll employ people that are experienced in dealing with customers, or you can see have a ‘nothing is too much trouble’ attitude which you can train up. Good customer service will keep people returning and buying from you rather than going elsewhere. 

A pleasant office or workspace

If you have an office, shop or other workplace that customers physically come to then a pleasant environment will make a good impression. Make sure everything is neat and tidy, have the place redecorated if it needs it. The outside of your building is equally important, make sure windows are clean and add plants to give it kerb appeal. Have a gardener come regularly to keep it tidy, you can get retractable extension cords to power electric tools if there’s no nearby sockets. You’ll want to make sure your building looks professional and welcoming. 

Good reviews

Finally, good reviews will show customers that you are a trustworthy and legitimate business. They will see that others have shopped with you and had a good experience, giving them the push they need to you out for themselves. Ask customers to leave you reviews on your facebook page, website or third party review sites like Trustpilot. Encourage them to send in photos and retweet and reshare them on your social media so others can see that real people are using and enjoying your business. People can be skeptical when it comes to shopping with new companies, so this can help to give them a boost to take a chance on you. 

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