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How To Be Happier (Even Though Your Life Isn’t Perfect)

How To Be Happier (Even Though Your Life Isn’t Perfect)

Wait, what? Isn’t your life perfect? Well, welcome to the club! In fact, the brutal truth of the matter is that no one’s is. Although that probably doesn’t make you feel that much better. However, there are some strategies that will. Read on to find out what they are. 

Stop comparing yourself to others

Comparison is the thief of joy, as the post at suggests. and this certainly can be the case. Especially when we are inundated with images of people living their best lives on social media, day in day out. However, comparing our lives to other people is actually a pretty fruitless exercise. 

The first reason for this is that you never really know how others truly feel or what trials they are going through that you are unaware of. Additionally, constantly comparing yourself to others and letting them define the standards by which you live your life can lead you down the wrong path in life. 

In fact, you can end up having a very good life by the standards of someone else, but still one that doesn’t fit your needs, and talents well at all. Instead, you are much better off investing all of that time and energy into discovering what is important to you and gives meaning to your life and then pursuing that. 

Cultivate inner peace 

Both time and effort are often resources that we feel we have too little of. To that end, finding enough of them to invest in inner peace can be a challenge. However, unlike money invested in the stock market or time invested in your career, the success for which can fluctuate, the effort put into finding inner peace can result in much more constant contentment. 

Happily, like the one you will find at many organizations can help you with your search to find a sense of inner peace in your life. Either through spiritual teachings, meditation practice, and even helping others. Something that can, for many people, end up being much more valuable over the long run than the other conditional and changing things we cling onto in life. 

Aim for contentment 

Finally, when it comes to happiness, it is essential to realize that it is an emotion. The problem with this is that all feelings are transitory. That is, they don’t stay around forever. Of course, this creates a problem for us humans because it means it is impossible to be happy all of the time. 

That is why, instead of desiring and pursuing a high of happiness, it can be much more constructive to aim for a sense of contentment. That is not an extreme experience of joy or ecstasy all the time, but a sense that things are comfortable and manageable. Enough so that even if our mood does take a downturn or life throws us a curve ball, which it so often does, we will still be able to cope and not be pushed into the depths of despair. 


In summary, pursuing a consistent form of happiness through external means can be problematic. Instead aiming for authenticity, contentment, and inner peace can be much more effective.

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