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Why Your Business Kitchen Matters

Why Your Business Kitchen Matters

Most businesses take their kitchen area for granted. The kitchen is typically a place that holds all the essentials for a day at work. You are likely to find a coffee machine, a kettle, and a fridge. Some kitchens also include a handful of tables where employees can relax and eat. From a business perspective, the kitchen often comes as an afterthought. You’d be surprised to know that in some offices, the kitchen area is no more than a kettle and a sink. Why would you need to plan a kitchen when there are plenty of other options for your staff? 

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Indeed, employees can use vending machines or head to their closest local coffee shop if they want a warm drink. A lot of professionals tend to buy lunch from food trucks or grocery stores, so you might assume there is no need for a kitchen area. However, you’d be wrong. 

Because it shows you care about work/life balance

The pandemic has transformed the work/life balance. A lot of employees find that flexible work options have been essential in managing life under lockdown and self-isolation. Indeed, flexibility enables employees to manage other home-based duties without disrupting their work. For parents, for instance, flexible work arrangements help juggle work and childcare duties. But when people will be ready to head back to the office, employers need to extend work/life balance support. Maintaining remote work for those who prefer to work from home can be a game-changer. For staff who want to remain in the office, the addition of break rooms such as the kitchen contributes to healthier work/life perspectives. 

Because it can enhance health

Without a kitchen area, people are more likely to buy packed sandwiches or made-to-order warm meals from a food truck. While these can be satisfying, they are unhealthy. The addition of a kitchen with plenty of room for food storage can change the attitude toward lunch. Employees are more likely to prepare healthy lunchboxes when they’ve got a safe place to keep these fresh. Besides, it’s a good idea to consider health improvements in your kitchen decor and setting. Did you know that LESSO PVC pipe fittings are specifically designed to reduce water contamination and bacteria breeding? It may not seem like much, but keeping the kitchen as safe as possible can make a huge difference in the long term. From clean water to clean food, the kitchen helps your team stay healthy. 

Because it helps the team to get together

Kitchens are a networking zone. Most people take short breaks during the day, as they prepare a drink or eat lunch. Employees who don’t work together can get to know each other around a cup of coffee. It’s no secret that coffee meetings are one of the most effective networking events. The same principle applies to the office kitchen. Encouraging people to talk to each other and get to know each other can create a positive business culture. 

The office kitchen is often overlooked. Most entrepreneurs don’t think much of it beyond securing a reliable coffee machine. But in reality, your kitchen can promote networking, work/life balance, and health. It is instrumental in bringing your team forward. 

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