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3 Tips to Help You Stay Connected with Your Kids as a Single Dad

3 Tips to Help You Stay Connected with Your Kids as a Single Dad

As a single dad, watching your kids grow gives you utmost joy, especially when you provide a comfortable life, are there for them, and have a healthy relationship. However, as most dads can confess, it’s easier said than done. You also have to work, spend hours babying a business that needs you, mentor employees, and take care of clients’ needs. It’s an intricate effort to keep a balance between your work and family and not lose yourself in the process. How do you do this?

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Connect with Your Kids Even When Away

You don’t have to ask the nanny or wait until the end of the day to learn how your children are faring on, but with a CCTV system installation, you can keep up with their day to day activities from wherever you are. Every parent understands the need to keep tabs on children when away. It’s reassuring when you can check from your phone or any other connected device and see what they are up to and who gets access to your home. You get to know what and when they take meals, if the assistant is getting along with them, and detect any issues. You are at peace and can concentrate on work when you know your kids are okay.

Other than the CCTV system, call them. They, too, would want to know how you are faring on, and they miss you. During your breaks, make a video call for a few minutes to chat. It’s also another chance for them to let you know how their day is.

Have a Flexible Work Schedule

Having a flexible work schedule enables you to be there for your kids when they need you. If possible, leave work early to be home when they come from school to help with homework and share your day’s experiences. When they are sick, they need you around the house more. Working from home means you can take care of the sick child and not lag with work responsibilities. Some days, decide to work from home. You can wake up early, take care of all the work responsibilities, then dedicate the rest of the day to the kids and rest. When you have to spend more time in the office, make sure you share at least one meal. It’s a chance to connect and know if they are okay or need anything for school or home.

Be There On Their Big Days

Kids get very discouraged when you don’t show up on their big days. Whether it’s a competition, a school meeting, or on their birthday, make the day memorable by giving it the priority it deserves. It’s hard enough not to have their mother actively involved in their lives, and when you too don’t give them enough attention, they develop weird behaviors, anger issues, and low self-esteem.  Showing up means you are proud of them and care.

It’s not easy bringing up kids single-handedly. When they are all grown, you will sit back and be proud of your effort. Your kids will also appreciate you more because they will understand the sacrifices you had to make to give them an all-rounded life.

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