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Why Content Is the Most Important Factor for a Great Website

Why Content Is the Most Important Factor for a Great Website

Content is arguably one of the most important factors for any website. Regardless of how much time you put into the overall look and design of the site, building a great business website is all about the type of content that you put on it. People are going to come to your website because it has great content and not because it looks fancy. A lot of businesses don’t seem to realize this and will end up investing a large portion of their marketing budget on designers to make their website stand out.

Sadly, the only thing that’s going to stand out is a lack of content on their site. So if you’re serious about growing your business with a great website, you need to start focusing on the content. In this post, we’ll be covering why content is such an important factor and where you need to focus your attention.

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Content creates value for your customers

The purpose of content is to create value for your customers. When people visit your website, they want to leave feeling like they’ve gained something. In some cases, this is going to be the purchase of a product. In most other cases, it’s knowledge. They want to learn about your products, they want information about the industry, and they want to see what you have in store for the future. Give your customers content and they’ll feel more inclined to follow your business.

Content enables great search engine optimisation

Content allows you to supercharge your search engine optimisation. With help from companies such as unravelseo.com to boost your local SEO, you can even use your website to attract more local customers and not just online audiences. Content can be used to talk about so many different topics which ultimately leads to more people looking at your website and learning about your products and services. If you don’t have content on your website, then you’ll have a much harder time ranking on a Google search.

Content gives people a reason to visit your website

Content also encourages people to actually visit your website on a regular basis. For example, if you post updates about your products and services, then you’re far more likely to get people to actually come to your website and visit it more often. If you have a blog where you post industry news and guides for your products and services, then it’s going to get a surprising number of regular visitors. The more people visit your website, the more likely they’ll link to it on social media or share pages with their friends and family members.

Content makes your business more accessible

Content doesn’t just have to be based on text. Content can also include videos, podcasts, or even images such as infographics. The idea of creating video content for your business can seem a little daunting at first because it requires a lot of knowledge and equipment. In reality, many marketing companies are well-equipped to help you create unique video content that resonates with your brand. This helps you grow your business, gives your customers more reason to look at your website, and ultimately makes it more accessible since your content isn’t just long walls of text that your customers have to read.

Content lasts as long as your website does

Once created, content can last forever on your website. This is also known as evergreen content and refers to anything that will remain relevant even years from now. For example, a guide on how to use a certain product will always be relevant as long as you’re still selling that product. This is different from time-sensitive content that only applies to a specific period, such as an article on summer fashion. This post from ahrefs.com is a great introduction to evergreen content and why it’s so important. If you create long-form content that stays around, then it’s much easier to rank on Google and will make a huge difference in your SEO performance.

Content is great for sharing on social media platforms

Putting more content on your website means that people are more likely to share your website on social media platforms. Getting noticed on social media is a fantastic way to grow your business and opens up many new opportunities to break into audiences that you previously had no presence in.

Content encourages engagement

One of the best uses of content is to engage your audience. You’ll find it easy to ask questions and create discussions with your content, especially if you have a regular audience. This is generally done through blog posts, editorials, and common sections. Social media is also a great place to engage your audience and the content on your website can be a great springboard for initiating discussions.

Content means more than the design of your website

At the end of the day, content means more than the overall design of your website. Content is what people come for and not the design of your site. You could spend a lot of time perfecting your website design but it won’t lead to anything because you’re not creating value for your customers. Just think of why you frequent specific websites. It’s probably not because they look nice and you want to please your eyes now and then; it’s because you’re looking for a service, product, or information.

Content is relatively inexpensive

Lastly, copywriting services can be fairly inexpensive if you know where to look or hire writers that are well-suited for your needs. This means that creating new content is a cheap way to grow your brand and it can be done exclusively through freelancers, meaning you don’t need to hire an employee for your content. While it’s preferably to hire a member of staff to write your content because they can get used to your products, it’s perfectly fine to hire a freelancer if the content you have planned is fairly general and easy to research.

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