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7 Ways To Help Your Brand Stand Out

7 Ways To Help Your Brand Stand Out

Small businesses are up against plenty of competition, which is why it’s important to differentiate yourself. There are lots of ways that you can help your brand to stand out, so let’s take a look.

1 . The Customer Experience

According to Zendesk, ‘Customer experience (CX) is everything related to a business that affects a customer’s perception and feelings about it.’ The customer experience includes all of the different interactions that a consumer has with your company. These interactions could be in-store, on social media, through chatbots, your website or app. There are so many things that you can do to improve the customer experience, including:

  • Make your website user friendly.
  • Provide great training for your customer service staff.
  • Host live events and workshops for extra value.
  • Use CRM systems to improve the sales journey. 

2 . Video Marketing

One of the best ways to help your brand to stand out is to use video marketing. There are lots of different options including webinars, live-streaming, video advertising or Insta Stories. Working with a talented video production company is the best way to create some great content to support your brand. There are lots of different advantages to video marketing such as:

  • You can present your brand story to your audience.
  • Visual content performs better on social media.
  • Video marketing can help you to build a rapport with your consumers.
  • Helpful to increase conversions.

3. Corporate Social Responsibility

If you want your brand to stand out you’ll need to focus on CSR. Consumers want businesses to care about social justice, the environment and politics. They expect brands to use their voice for good, and contribute to charitable causes. You’ll need to ensure that you represent the values of your audience, and help consumers to make green choices where possible.

There are so many ways that companies can go green, whether it’s the materials they use, sustainable marketing strategies or recycling initiatives. Once you create green initiatives you’ll help your brand to stand out from the crowd.

4. Strong Brand Story

If you want to help your brand to stand out you’re going to need a strong brand story. The story should focus on the problem that your product solves, you’ll need to ensure that your story evokes an emotional response. These questions may come in handy when you’re developing your brand story:

  • Why did you start your company in the first place?
  • What is the overall vision of your business?
  • What makes you different from similar brands?

5. PR Strategies

If you want to stand out from the crowd you’ll need a winning PR campaign. A PR company can help you to increase brand awareness, improve your reputation, engage certain communities, improve your CSR, and generate good publicity. When you’re choosing a PR company you’ll need to conduct research, check out reviews and establish your needs. To maintain a good reputation you might also want to work with a reputation management company. When you hire an RM company they can help you to get positive reviews, oversee your social media mentions, drive SEO, and plenty more.

6. Amazing Content 

To stand out from the crowd you’ll need the best content possible. Whether it’s blogs, videos or images, everything you create needs to be top quality. Your blog content should be innovative, well researched, and SEO optimized. There are plenty of content tools which can help you to improve, get ideas and access analytics. To help you improve your content the following considerations may be useful:

  • Focus on your audience and their preferences.
  • Work with the right influencers.
  • Use analytics to help you improve.

7. Host Live Events

Live events are a great way to market your business, you’ll have the chance to meet your consumers in person, and represent your brand. You might put on an entertainment event, or an educational workshop? We’ve all got tired of being stuck indoors, and now that events are back on the cards many brands are taking advantage. There are several benefits to hosting live events, including:

  • Events can increase leads and sales.
  • Give you a space to present your brand story.
  • Events are often a good place for networking.

With these strategies you’ll set yourself apart from your competitors. In general, it’s a good idea to do plenty of competitor research. Doing so will help you to understand your position in the market and take steps towards improving.

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